1. G

    Ram to HDD TB size question

    Hey all! Quick question. Math is not my strong suit, I had a terrible time of it in high school. I wanted to ask, I have 5 8TB HDD drives in my TrueNAS server. the motherboard has 16GB and I was thinking of adding more Ram. Would 32GB be more suitable for that much storage? I read somewhere here...
  2. C

    FreeNAS/TrueNAS Mini XL+ Memory RAS Features

    FreeNAS/TrueNAS Mini XL+ uses Intel C3758 CPU which, according to the Intel website, has ECC support and some unspecified RAS features. Would it be possible to setup the Mini XL+ box to use memory mirroring or some other memory RAS features (e.g. SDDC) in addition to standard ECC? I understand...
  3. S

    Only Sees 7.9gb of ram

    Hello everyone. this is my first time posting. i have been searching for an answer to this for weeks now. i have verson 11.3-U4.1. but have been having this issue with all the versions. the following are my specs. and i used what i had left over Motherboard: 970A-G46 with latest bios RAM...
  4. zamana

    SOLVED I need to buy another pair of memory

    Last year, when buying the hardware for my FreeNAS installation, I bought a pair of this memory: Crucial Technology 16GB 288-Pin EUDIMM DDR4 (PC4-19200) Server Memory Module, CL=17, Unbuffered, 2400 MT/S Speed, ECC, 1.2V, 2048Meg x 72, Dual Rank, x8 Based Now I would like to buy another pair...
  5. wgreenway

    11.1-U5 Laundry Memory over 10G

    I thought I had the issue with swap growth licked after making some adjustments but now the main processes seem to be eating tons of memory for no reason (it seems to be happening when the system is idle). Check this: Why is the GUI webserver eating so much swap? And 10Gigs of Laundry? Is...
  6. A

    Whats is Laundry Memory

    Hi all, Slightly new to the FreeNAS community, I've done some searching through the forums and people mention laundry memory all the time but don't explain what it is. I'm currently setting up graphing and alerting through the use of Grafana and stumbled across this memory type. Is anyone...
  7. D

    Freenas non vede la RAM

    salve ho installato freenas 11.2 con 16 gb di ram .. ma nel System Information ne vede solo 8 .. il bios della scheda madre vede 16 gb. scheda madre msi 970 gaming fx 8370
  8. pookieman

    How much memory

    Hi I've looking into building a new NAS, my current readnas 1.5tb is full after 10 years, still going strong though. But for the future I have bigger plans, so the use case(s) are as follows: Shared File server (data/media) Host OpenHab/ in VM (ubuntu) Host Zone Minder in VM (ubuntu)...
  9. Kiran Kankipati

    FreeNAS Server Hardware - Memory Performance Benchmarks

    Today I wrote a code to do some benchmarks to test the memory operations mainly such as memcpy(). To check the FreeNAS hardware (cpu, memory, and overall software optimization). vs my Linux PC hardware (which is Linux). Of course, I haven't done Linux Kernel <> FreeNAS (i.e FreeBSD) Kernel...
  10. spacecabbie

    Several Questions VM issue / Memory / SSD install / Jails

    Hi all, Been working with Freenas for about a year now maybe. I have some questions i saved up: 1. I have 16gb of memory I run Plex / nzbget / sonarr / radarr / transmission / plexpy / webserver (spotnet) CPU: 0.0% user, 0.0% nice, 0.0% system, 0.0% interrupt, 99.9% idle Mem: 53M Active...
  11. Soloam

    Testing Out New RAM

    Hello, I was able to get my hand on a 32 GB RAM ECC and on a great time, my machine was lacking some RAM. This RAM is not on the list of the compatible ones from my motherboard, what is the correct procedure to test if they will work? I normally run MemoryTest for 1 day, and if no errors are...
  12. muffinMan

    Memory for supermicro X11SSM-F with core i3-6100

    Hi everyone - first post! I'm very new to everything and this is my first build. I ordered a Supermicro X11SSM-F and a core i3-6100 CPU which will soon be on the way. I'm a novice at navigating all of the specs, can you all please give me the thumbs up on this RAM (Crucial 16GB DDR4-2133...
  13. zamana

    Will this combo work?

    Hi! I'm searching hardware to build a new NAS and I'm wondering if this "combo" will fit well together. I mean, are this 3 pieces technically compatible with each other? Beyond that, they will provide a good hardware infrastructure for an NAS with 8x4TB hard drives for data? Supermicro Micro...
  14. R

    Same MCA errors on two different machines

    We have two Supermicro X9DRi-F Storage Servers running FreeNAS with FreeBSD 11.1-Stable. Since upgrading from FreeBSD9 to 11 we encountered a strange behavior quite similar to this thread. The systems run fine for a few hours to a few days (first machine) or a few weeks (second machine -...
  15. BlairEL

    Samsung memory and Supermicro

    Hi all, I have been trying to track down and additional 16GB (2x8GB) memory modules for my Freenas setup on a supermirco X10sl7-f. I found some reasonably cheap samsung memory with the PN#M391B1G73QH0-YK0. This memory is not in the compatibility list, and im wondering if that is likely to...
  16. anderstn

    Memory consumption and virtual machines

    Hi So after seeing my memory spike drastically after I wrote some files to my first RAID array I was worried I had done something wrong. As it turns out this is really just the effect of a pretty neat feature that caches written data in memory. This however raises another question. What happens...
  17. D

    Проблема с удалением файлов на харде. РЕШЕНО

    Здравствуйте, сегодня на работе появилась проблема, есть папка .recycles, с ней все данные удалил, но место так и не освободилось, может удалить снепшоты? Или есть какой иной способ?
  18. christopher.blaisdell

    112 TB Server with only 32GB of RAM?

    I have replaced ten of the fourteen 4tb drives in my array with 8tb drives. My server always seems stable and fast to me, but I notice that I am considerably out of step with the 1 GB per 1 TB guideline. The problem is that my motherboard is maxed out at 32GB of RAM. Should I complete my...
  19. B

    GA-X48-DS4 - max memory per channel?

    Hi all, noob here. I was wondering if anyone remembers having this board, it will have an e8500 in it. Manual is here - 1) I have a question about the max memory - It's 8Gb and has 4 slots. I'm assuming that means it's 2Gb...
  20. Monkey_Demon

    Introduction: Monkey_Demon

    Hi, After using a Netgear ReadyNAS Pro for several years, I have to migrate to another system. This is because Plex is one of the main reasons I have a NAS, and Plex no longer supports the ReadyNAS. Some people have kludged the ReadyNAS system to make it run Netgear's newer operating system...