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  1. F

    M1015 to IT Mode again and again

    Hey there, right away: I know there are already plenty of Posts reguarding this topic. I my self did allready flash a similar contoller for my last TrueNas build but now I am totaly stuck. Short: I do get the classic "No LSI SAS adapters found!" if I try to use any sas2flsh commands in the...
  2. Soarin

    SOLVED Flashing M1015 to IT Mode [Resolved]

    Resolved, the EBay seller sent me the wrong card, they had sent me the M5014, wrote M5015 on the back, but sold it as an M1115. Hello! I just got my IBM ServeRAID M1115 and I am following a guide from ServeTheHome for flashing the M1015 (which strangely enough when booting that's what the card...
  3. jeffprandall

    M1015 Flashing

    I have been reading countless articles and I can't seem to get it to work. I purchased an "M1015" off of ebay that when I boot into the controller settings it says it's a BR10i. The card also has stickers that say SAS3082-ER as well. I assume I am stuck at step 1 which is clearing the...
  4. A

    Successfully flashed M1015 to IT mode. Can't detect in FreeNAS?

    On FreeNAS 9.10 I flashed my IBM ServeRAID M1015 SAS/SATA controller to IT mode and version following these instructions: http://www.penlug.org/foswiki/bin/view/Main/FreeNasHardwareInfoIbmM1015 I verified within the UEFI shell that it has been successfully flashed by running...
  5. Norlig

    SOLVED Help reflashing LSI 9220-8i to IT mode

    Hi, I ordered myself an IBM M1015 / LSI 9220-8i I am following these 2 posts on how to flash it to IT-mode: http://codefromabove.com/2017/03/crossflash-ibm-m1015-to-lsi-9220-8i-it-mode-for-freenas/ http://www.penlug.org/foswiki/bin/view/Main/FreeNasHardwareInfoIbmM1015 I started with...
  6. pollytheparrot

    8TB drives not showing up in FreeNAS

    So I have a build running FreeNAS 11.1 with a Supermicro 846 box and a SAS2 backplane. There are three M1015's (SAS9220-8i model in IT mode, firmware P20 on all 3). The system itself is two X5660s running on top of a Supermicro X8DTN+ with 72GB of ECC RAM. Doing a RAIDZ2+0 pool with two 10 drive...
  7. M

    How blink a drive with SAS2IRCU on a IBM M1015 controller??

    I need to identify a bad drive on a IBM M1015 controller. I read that the sas2ircu command would do the trick. I got the the Serial No From STORAGE > VIEW > DISKS Ran "sas2ircu 0 DISPLAY" to list all of the serial numbers and enclose numbers on controller 0. The disk with the matching...
  8. foxhop

    Long time FreeNAS end user (HP DL180 G6)

    Hello, I run FreeNAS 11 for personal use on an HP DL180 G6 with LSI SAS9220-8i (IBM ServeRaid M1015) flashed in IT mode. I prefer to use ZFS mirror vdevs. I started with FreeNAS 7 before ZFS was a thing on BSD. My first FreeNAS 7 build was this: http://www.foxhop.net/freeNAS-msi-wind I do...
  9. T

    HP N40L & M1015 = No Boot

    If anyone can help me with this I'd greatly appreciate it. I've read a number of posts about people using the M1015 as an HBA for ZFS in thier N40L MicroServers but after installing one in mine, I'm unable to boot from USB - so I can't boot into FreeNAS and I couldn't install a different OS...
  10. O

    IBM M1015 gezocht

    Hallo allemaal, Ik ben opzoek naar een IBM M1015 controller. Deze kan ik via eBay bestellen voor 50 tot 60 euro incl. verzendkosten, maar dan komt dat uit China en duurt het veel te lang voordat ik hem thuis heb. Reden waarom ik deze controller wil hebben: Ik heb een Dell R710 V1 met 6 x 8TB...
  11. pollytheparrot

    Supermicro Backplane Woes

    So I have an SC846 box running Freenas. I have the SAS2 backplane. On it is a RAIDZ2+0 pool configuration of two 10 drive RAIDZ2 vdevs that are 4TB Reds. I'm looking to replace one of the vdevs with 8TB reds, and rather than run in a degraded state (pulling the drive to replace), I wish to...
  12. L

    SOLVED IBM 1015 flashing hangs and no UEFI mode

    I bought a IBM 46M0861 FRU ServeRAID M1015 SAS/SATA Controller. I'm following the standard instructions from http://www.servethehome.com/ibm-serveraid-m1015-part-4/. I boot into DOS mode and I run the first command and it just hangs with a blinking cursor. I know everyone seems to do the second...