TrueNAS SCALE "Dragonfish" 24.04-BETA.1 Has Been Released

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Feb 6, 2014
We are pleased to release TrueNAS SCALE 24.04-BETA.1!

This is an early release of a major version that is intended for testing and feedback purposes only.

This has software component updates and new features that are in the polishing phase.

Notable changes:
  • New audit logging for UI and API actions (NAS-123447), including SMB activity (NAS-123371). An Auditing screen is available for managing this feature from the UI.
  • New dashboard widget for backup configurations is available. This summarizes saved backup tasks and has links to quickly set up new backup schedules.
  • New status pages for SMB and NFS services allow managing active sessions (SMB - NAS-105505 and NFS - NAS-124942).
  • FreeIPA support is added to Credentials > Directory Services > Configure LDAP form (NAS-123701).
  • The Feedback reporting window has improved! The page rating icon is now always visible on the top toolbar and the feedback window also functions for new bug reports and improvement suggestions (NAS-124484). Clicking File a ticket on System Settings > General also opens the feedback window.
  • An unsupported development mode is added to the base system. Enabling this puts the system in an unsupported state and allows customization of the operating system.
  • systemd-nspawn containers (Sandboxes) are added as an unsupported community feature so that an advanced containerization user can deploy custom software in persistent containers.
  • Support is added for data ingest via filesystem (SMB/NFS) clients, allowing users migrating to TrueNAS SCALE to more easily import data from a third party NAS solution (NAS-123717). Supported SMB migration via the TrueNAS Syncthing Enterprise app is arriving in a future 24.04 release.
  • Linux kernel is updated to 6.6 (NAS-123465).
  • ZFS ARC memory allocations are now identical to TrueNAS CORE (NAS-123034).
  • Share creation forms are reworked to centralize and speed up the configuration process (NAS-123420).
  • The feedback system is reworked and expanded to also control creating bug reports and improvement suggestions in the TrueNAS Jira project (NAS-124484).
  • The deprecated gluster component is removed and all other gluster-related components are removed from TrueNAS SCALE.
  • OpenEBS-ZFS container storage interface (CSI) driver support is removed in TrueNAS SCALE 24.04 (Removal Notice).
New and existing users who only use official apps are unaffected by this change, as these apps do not use OpenEBS-ZFS CSI drivers. Unofficial apps are unaffected if they are configured as outlined below.

Unofficial apps that use OpenEBS-ZFS CSI drivers should maintain functionality for existing deployments, but users are not able to make backups or restore any existing backups for those apps. New users are not able to install and deploy these apps.

Maintainers of unofficial catalog apps using OpenEBS-ZFS CSI drivers should either begin to ship a CSI driver with the app or use the one provided in SCALE.

See the Release Notes for more details.


Thanks for the early testing of TrueNAS SCALE Dragonfish! As always, we appreciate your feedback!

Also, if you find a bug, please create a ticket at
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