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Top Toolbar Options

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Last Modified 2022-07-07 08:29 EDT

The top toolbar icon buttons provide access to the iXsystems website, displays the status of TrueCommand and directory services configured on your system, and displays other configuration menu options.


Toolbar Icons

Toggle collapseClick to expand or collapse the main menu panel on the left side of the screen.
iXsystemsLogoiXsystems WebsiteOpens the iXsystems home page website where users can find information about storage and server systems. Users can also use the iXsystems home page to access their customer portal and community section for support.
TrueCommandIconTrueCommand statusDisplays either the status of a TrueCommand cloud connection or a dialog that allows users to sign up for a new TrueCommand cloud connection. Instructions are found in the Cloud Deployment section.
infoDirectory Services statusDisplays a dialog with the status of Active Directory and LDAP directory servers configured on the TrueNAS.
assignmentTask ManagerDisplays the Task Manager dialog. Click the History button to display the Jobs screen with a list of All, Active or Failed jobs or processes.
notificationsAlertsDisplays a list of system alerts and a dropdown list the alert options Alert Settings, Alert Services and Email.
account_circleSettingsDisplays a dropdown menu of setting options Change Password, Preferences, API Keys, Guide and About.
power_settings_newPower optionsDisplays the power related options Log Out, Restart or Shut Down.

Status of TrueCommand

The Status of TrueCommand TrueCommandIcon icon lets users sign up with and connect to TrueCommand Cloud.


Clicking SIGNUP opens the TrueCommand sign-up page in a new tab.


After users sign up, they can click the CONNECT button and enter their API key to connect SCALE to TrueCommand Cloud.


See Connecting TrueNAS for more information on configuring a TrueCommand cloud account and getting an API key.

Directory Services Monitor

The Directory Services Monitor info icon button displays the status of Active Directory and LDAP services. Clicking on either takes you to their respective configuration screens.


Task Manager

The Task Manager assignment icon button displays all running and failed jobs/processes.


Click on a running task to display a dialog window for that running task. If minimized, click on the running task again to display the task window again.

Click the History button to open the Jobs screen. Jobs lists all successful, active, and failed jobs. Users can also click View Log next to a failed process to view its log information and error message.


For more information see the Jobs Screens article.


The Alerts notifications icon button displays a list of current alert notifications. To remove an alert notification click Dismiss below it or use Dismiss All Alerts to remove all notifications from the list.


Use the settings icon to display the Alerts dropdown list with three options Alert Settings, Alert Services and Email.

Select Alert Settings to configure alert options such as the warning level and frequency and how the system notifies you. See Alerts Settings Screens for more information on Alert Settings screens and settings.

Select Alert Services to add or edit existing system alert services. See Alerts Services Screen for more information on Alert Services screens and settings.

Select Email to configure the email service and account to receive alerts from the TrueNAS. See Email Screens for information on Email screens and settings, or see Setting Up System Email for general information about setting up the system email.


The account_circle Settings icon button displays a menu of general system settings options. The options are Change Password, Preferences, API Keys, Guide and About.

The dialpad Change Password icon button displays a dialog where you can change the login password for the currently logged-in administrator password.

The settings_applications Preferences icon button displays the Web Interface Preferences screen where you can select general preferences for the system, such as a color theme.

The laptop API Keys icon button displays the API Keys screen that lists current API keys and where you can add or manage API keys that identify outside resources and applications without a principal.

The library_books Guide icon button opens the TrueNAS Documentation Hub website in a new tab.

The info About icon button displays a window with links to the TrueNAS Documentation Hub, the TrueNAS Community Forums, the FreeNAS Open Source Storage Appliance GitHub repository, and the iXsystems hom page. Use the Close button to close the window.



The Power button provides three options that lets the user log out of the web UI, restart, or shut down their TrueNAS system.