TrueNAS (Cobia) - Plex 2.0.1 - Newbie Setup issues


Feb 5, 2024
As a note. I have been running Plex on a headless windows 7 box for years. I plan on upgrading my hardware in the near future and want to move to a NAS setup.

Running the latest TrueNAS (Cobia). I have setup TrueNAS on a VMWare 17 Workstation with RAID 1. I have setup my pool (applications) in TrueNAS to include my two RAID 1 drives.

I created a "plex_users" group and a user 'michael". I have moved the user into the "plex_users" group.

I have setup the below two folders for SMB access and have no issues moving data back and forth from my Windows box with the user I created above.

1) /mnt/applications/plex_server/plex_media/movies
2) /mnt/applications/plex_server/plex_media/television

I have also added the folders below but not with SMB in hopes of keeping all of Plex in the plex_server folder.

1) /mnt/applications/plex_server/configs
2) /mnt/applications/plex_server/transcode

I have tried several different things to get Plex to use the above folders but I have yet to get get it done correctly.

At this point I have a new install of TrueNAS working and have not installed any Apps.

Now I go into apps and add my pool. In the Kubernetes Advanced Settings, I configure the below setting and save. It now displays "Apps Service Running".

1) Route v4 Interface to ens33 (Interface Name)
2) Route v4 Gateway to (Names server or Default Route as both show the same IP in Networking)

See Attached Pic-1

Now I go into Apps and install Plex 2.0.1 and begin to configure.

"Application name" - No Change

"Plex Configuration" - I change "TimeZone", insert my "Claim Token" and change "Image" to "Plex Pass Image".

"User and Group Configuration" - I have left this as is but I'm not sure if I need to add the group ID of "plex_users" and user ID for "michael" in this area.

"Advanced Pod Configuration" - No Change

"Storage Configuration" - I believe this is where I need to setup the four folders above to reach my desired configuration but I need direction.

Note: I have watched several videos online and I have yet to find one that shows the same configuration settings as are in Plex 2.0.1.

"Resources Configuration" - No Change

See Attached Pic-2

Would appreciate any help or direction as to where I could get help on installing :)

Much appreciated.


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