TrueNAS 12.0 Features


Feb 21, 2019
Why would they not want to do this? In my experience it is actually the much preferred choice, mainly because it can easily be automated completely.
Personally I think it would be great if they did add it and I would find it valuable. I also like the idea of a suggestions page. My response was in relation to what appeared to be frustration and complaining about not getting a specific desire or wish in a totally free product! IF that is true, and that is what we have devolved to socially, then there is no hope for the future.

IX systems, like all companies, does not have unlimited resources. If the request had been made with appreciation for what they do provide, and as a suggestion for improvement (or prioritization), that would be awesome! But to simply lament that additional freebies aren't throw in?


May 18, 2020
Why would they not want to do this? In my experience it is actually the much preferred choice, mainly because it can easily be automated completely.
different horses, different courses. there are plenty of people who don't want their data going outside their own organization. Call it old fashioned, but it is a legitimate choice.


Oct 23, 2020
Well, I am certainly old-fashioned in that sense :smile: . The cloud sync functionality that FreeNAS/TrueNAS comes with, supports the encryption of content and names (files and directories). With that encryption I have no problem to use it for my most-critical data, which are synced to two different remote locations (i.e. two different providers).


Dec 21, 2019
Are you frustrated and complaining about a totally free product?

If it doesn't fit your needs there are other solutions in the marketplace you could buy. I would completely understand your frustration if you had paid for this, and the feature or solution was promised, and then it wasn't delivered. That's not what happened, right?

You totally misunderstood the post and went into a tangent. On a second point, how did you figured out I am frustrated? Are you Prof. X?

Just because a product is free does not mean you are prohibited from providing ideas for improvements. The whole idea of software base on BSD, Apache or GPL license is open source software distribution, no to be confused with free software, to improve the application.
It is not about fitting the need or a need, it is just a suggestion to improve the product making it more reliable. Useless to say that I was not implying that the feature was promised or even that was under consideration. Merely making comparisons among the options available. Except that, I prefer to run a small apliance instead of a dual headed full server drawing 1000Wh every day.

The idea can benefit SOHO as well as home users making the system redundant. But, I understand some people can understand what they are reading. With that say, the main idea was just a recommendation.