template for Zabbix 3.x ?

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Old Man
May 28, 2011
While you may be a minimalist, this forum works a lot better if you post with some context. While I could speculate what you are asking, I know first hand that speculation on this forum can lead to disaster so i try not to do that. Please post a full question or I'll have to delete the thread.

This is not related to your question but have you read the FreeNAS User Guide? I say this due to your other posts here in the forums. It appears you don't know what FreeNAS does or more so, doesn't do. I'm not trying to be cruel here, rather I'd think you would be more informed if you read the manual a few times cover to cover, we recommend this to all the new users.

I hope your experience with FreeNAS is a good one.
Not open for further replies.