1. Exhorder

    Redundant UPS?

    Hi, I want to add redundant UPS to my FreeNAS server. Actually the UPS is already there, but of course I also want to shutdown FreeNAS (and other connected servers) when battery is low. Overview: There are two UPS, each connected to it's own RCD. The UPS are powering several servers, each...
  2. unixsamurai

    SNMP OID for ZPoolHealthType

    I am running FreeNAS-11.2-U5 and am wanting to poll FreeNAS's SNMP for ZPoolHealthType, using Nagios The MIB shows: ::= { enterprises 50536 } ZPoolHealthType ::= TEXTUAL-CONVENTION STATUS current DESCRIPTION "" SYNTAX INTEGER { online(0)...
  3. T

    How do I read alert status on FreeNAS 11.1 via snmp?

    Hello there... I'm using Icinga2 to monitor a couple of FreeNAS 11.1 machines. I'm successfully monitoring my zpools like this: vars.snmpv3_oid = "FREENAS-MIB::zpoolHealth.0" Looking in the FREENAS-MIB file, I see some interesting OIDs: alert alertId alertLevel alertMessage I'd like to...
  4. Evan Richardson

    11.1 SNMPD running all but one extend

    my /usr/local/etc/snmpd.conf file looks like this: extend ntp-client /etc/snmp/ extend fbsdnfsserver /etc/snmp/fbsdnfsserver extend smart /etc/snmp/smart extend nfs-server /usr/bin/nfsstat extend ups-nut /etc/snmp/ All of these work (via the conf file, adding to...
  5. M

    template for Zabbix 3.x ?

    template for Zabbix 3.x ?
  6. cronsloth

    SNMP OID for usable Amount on Pool

    Subject pretty much explains it. But here is what is happening. I have an 8 disk (6TB/disk) Z-RAID(2) setup and when I do an SNMP walk on the FREENAS-MIB, I always get the total disk-space for the pool instead of usable disk-space. I.E. snmpwalk -O s -v 2c -c public -t 100 <IPADDRESS> FREENAS...
  7. D

    I've rewritten zfs-snmp, testers wanted.

    So I've spent some time rewriting the zfs-snmp module that's included with FreeNAS. I've fixed a couple of bugs and rewritten it to take advantage of the pass_persist method, this makes it significantly faster and consumes far fewer resources than the previous method. I've also added replication...
  8. M

    SNMP log issue

    Hi FreeNAS Version 9.10.2-U4 and also FreeNAS Version 9.10.2-U5 since ive setup a VM with OpenNMS installed to monitor my hosts etc my FreeNAS servers both have this in the log many times (i guess each time OpenNMS queries FreeNAS via SNMP) Anyway to stop this appearing in my logs? not having...