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  1. Z

    Issue with user mapping when mounting nfs share on Ubuntu 18.04

    Hello. I'm building my new media server on Ubuntu 18.04. Previously It was on 16.04. I've copied the fstab setting directly over from my old server which has been working fine. The share is able to mount but there's a permissions issue. The permissions are set as "1001:1001". The only way I'm...
  2. emailhelpdesk

    Use of virtual machine as a webserver.

    How do I access VNC virtual machine (Ubuntu) using ssh on FreeNas? I have installed FreeNAS on my system. I have created a VNC virtual machine (Ubuntu OS) on that. I don't know how to access it with ssh. Actually, I want to use that virtual machine as a web server and launch my site on that. Is...
  3. N

    Permissions not applying - SMB share on Ubuntu 18.04

    I have been working on my media server the last couple of days but i can't seem to wrap my head around the permissions. For some reason, i don't have permission to write. I have been running freenas for several years now (current build: FreeNAS-11.1-U7), it has 2 users, my personal account and...
  4. T

    SOLVED Reading damaged USB boot drive - dd to a file, help reading zpool

    I had my second USB boot drive die in one of my servers, and am trying to recover my freenas config. Of course it has been too long since the last backup, but I did boot my desktop to an ubuntu live usb, and was able to dd the entire contents of the 128gb freenas boot drive to a file on my...
  5. Keven

    SOLVED Possible to install Ubuntu/Debian in iocage jail?

    Hi, I need to install teamviewer on my FreeNAS box to be able to start my desktop when i'm not home... have tried within teamviewer to have a port and ip address setup, but it only work for a time before my isp recycle my ip address. so by always having a teamviewer instance open i can start my...
  6. MrTPN

    FreeNAS FreeNAS-11.1-U6 - NFS User Nobody

    Hi Folks, I will start out by saying I am in no way shape or means a FreeNAS or FreeBSD expert, I came from a Synology NAS, then to a home build xpenology nas and due to outgrowing both units, we are now moving onto freenas :) We are trying to build a storage solution, and a part of this...
  7. A

    SOLVED cannot rsync to nfs via linux

    Hi community, i have one (1) windows machine in our company, belonging to marketing for some adobe mumbo jumbo, the rest is all ubuntu. i now set up a freenas on a server with sas disks for backup for the windows machine, because marketing started with 4K movies and now has already 3 times the...
  8. T

    using ssh-key per user

    Hello New to FreeNAS and it looks great. I am trying to set my new server with these settings is it possible and how? 1. create groups - each group can access a specific folder? 2. Each user will have an SSH-KEY for access? (Users will send me there Keys and I will add it to there user ) ...
  9. A

    Which Linux Distro to use on VM

    I'm a Windows user who had dabbled with Linux and Hackintosh and I am wondering what the consensus is as to which distro to run in a VM? CentOS / UBUNTU / Linux Mint Any to stay away from?
  10. Z

    First try: I gave up; import is so slow...

    Hi everybody. Well, after using a “deskserver” (I mean… a “desktop” computer hardware used as if it was a “server”) for almost 6 years, I recently bought what I considered a “super server” hardware: Motherboard: Supermicro X11SSL-CF CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1245-v5 Memory: 32GB (2x16) Crucial ECC...
  11. freekey

    ISCSI performance on Windows 10 vs Ubuntu 16.04

    What could be the downgrader of performance on the same Laptop when booted into Windows 10 vs that same laptop in Ubuntu 16.04? I connected the same ISCSI disk in both OS-s, and ran an xcopy/cp command with time difference output at the end, the same Web folder (1.5GiB, with about 100.000 files)...
  12. G

    Ubuntu: Invalid Environment Block

    Hello, I have recently been running an Ubuntu 16 VM in FreeNAS 11.1-U4 but I recently rebooted the VM and it now displays “Error: Invalid Environment Block”. There are some suggestions on how to fix his through the GRUB menu but I’m not sure how to access this with a FreeNAS VM... Anyone have...
  13. S

    HBA Installation (Ubuntu Server 16.04, ZFS on Linux)

    Hello everyone, this is my first post in this forum. Since it is not directly related to FreeNAS but to NAS, ZFS, and HBAs I decided to post it under "Off-Topic". I plan to upgrade my one year old NAS in terms of storage capacity. I did a lot of research in different forums for the last two...
  14. C

    Importing ZFS on Linux Pool

    Hey guys, been a long time ZFS and FreeNAS user. I also have used ZFS on ubuntu 14.04 for a few years but now I want to convert that system over to FreeNAS. Can anyone give me a best practices way to import the pool from my ubuntu install? Thanks in advance. chris
  15. W

    Sharing NFS directory as read-write for one host then read-only for others

    Hello, I have a host (k2) with a shared directory /mnt/collab. I want to provide my VM, annex-vm, total read-write permission to this share. But there is a directory /mnt/collab/annex that I only want to give read-only permission for certain hosts (gpu1 & gpu2). The below exports file gives...
  16. W

    SOLVED Mounting data in a VM running on FreeNAS-11.1-RELEASE

    Hey! Question about accessing data. I'm running FreeNAS-11.1-RELEASE and I have one VM, a Ubuntu 17.10 Desktop. In this VM, I want to mount data that I have on the same FreeNAS installation. Now I do this in Ubuntu with CIFS and I have a CIFS (Windows SMB) share in FreeNAS. Works great. But I'm...
  17. D

    FreeNAS Network Shares Mounted in Ubuntu (w/ Plex, KVM)

    Hello FreeNAS forums! I've been banging my head against this issue for a couple weeks now and thought it time to seek out some help. I. Summary I have one FreeNAS server and one server running Ubuntu. I would like to run Plex in a docker on the Ubuntu server and have the Plex config and media...
  18. H

    Ubuntu VM will not boot until VNC connection

    Hi, As stated, when I start up my VM through FreeNAS UI, the VM will say "RUNNING." However, the machine does not actually boot until I attempt to connect to it through VNC Viewer. It is a real pain to have to VNC to this machine after reboot to access my services. I am running Ubuntu 16.04...
  19. X

    Ubuntu VM not stopping even after pressing "Stop"

    Just installed Freenas 11, and was trying to toy around with the VMs. I installed an Ubuntu VM, and all went smoothly up till the part where Ubuntu asked me to remove the installation media, so I removed the cd-rom from the device list of the VM and tried stopping it. The VM's state is still...
  20. Z

    Will my current ZFS under Linux be recognized by FreeNAS?

    Hi! Currently my NAS, build from scratch and based on an Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS, has a ZFS pool with 4 x 4TB disks. After installing FreeNAS, does this ZFS pool will be recognized or I will need to backup, create another ZFS under FreeNAS and rebuild the pool? Thanks. Regards.
  21. K

    How to rsync a folder between my FreeNAS Corral and my Ubuntu box?

    Hi Awesome FreeNAS forum guys, I love my FreeNAS... I am new to all these storage things, I want to sync data b/w my FreeNAS and ubuntu machine any doc really helpful. hardware: custom built AMD processor, Asus motherboard, and 32gb ram. version: FreeNAS corral. I did start a rsyncd and tried...
  22. M

    Trouble Creating Ubuntu VM on FreeNAS 11

    Hi, I'm looking to create a Ubuntu VM on FreeNAS. I'm creating VMs with the included byhyve software. Problem is, every time I start my VM, It would refuse to work. It would just shutdown. Any Ideas why this might be? Thanks in advance, Michael L.
  23. KenY21

    Can't install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS using iohyve

    Hi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on freshly installed "FreeNAS-9.10.2-U3 (e1497f269)" using iohyve following these steps: When I connect to console I see standard installation wizard, but when I press "Enter" on "Install Ubuntu...
  24. short-stack

    HOW TO: Boot Ubuntu Desktop VM in UEFI mode

    Note: In this tutorial, I install Ubuntu Mate as my guest OS, and then use an Ubuntu Desktop ISO in Live mode to repair the boot device. You can try the steps using the Mate ISO or whatever distro you're using, but I've had mixed results with other ISOs than the Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 ISO...
  25. stephen thomas

    SOLVED Folder disappeared after renaming folder with asterisk at start

    I've added Ubuntu to our previous Mac only network, so I've switched everything over to SMB (changed permission type on the datasets to Windows, switched off AFP, switched on SMB services & created new SMB shares). Some of the folders on our volumes started with an asterisk, but after the above...
  26. D

    Cifs - Windows/Ubuntu - Encoding Problem

    Hello, we are using samba for sharing on FreeNAS 9.10.2-U1 and are encountering problems with the encoding. On windows everything shows fine, but on FreeNAS and Ubuntu the file and directory names are different. We use a special sign (middle dot) sometimes which seem problematic: I am...
  27. N

    Is it because the FreeNAS permissions?

    Hi guys I wanted to mount my nfs share in Ubuntu and typed this in the terminal: Mount /home/Share After that, I get the following error message if I want to go to "files". **Unhandled error message: Error when getting Information for file /home/user1: So such...
  28. I

    Any issues dual-booting FreeNAS and Lubuntu?

    I've bought an HP Proliant Microserver Gen8, primarily for use as a file server, but occasionally for using the odd Linux app. I want to put 4 existing NTFS-formatted hard drives into it (NTFS in case I need to recover data using my Windows machine), and I want to dual-boot between FreeNAS and...
  29. T

    What determines the default permissions of files within a CIFS share?

    Hello, I've been trying to figure out what determines the default permissions of new files and folders within a CIFS share. I've got a machine running ubuntu which connects to my freenas box using information I specified in /etc/fstab, according to these instructions...
  30. F

    iohyve "wget: not an http or ftp url"

    In my quest to break everything on FreeNAS 9.10, I have encountered another problem. I installed Ubuntu 16 through iohyve with no problems except: Begin: Running /scripts/local-block ... lvmetad is not active yet, using direct activation during sysinit Volume group "Arthurubuntu-vg" not...
  31. F

    iohyve invalid dataset name

    Banging my head against a wall here and can use some help. My goal is to run crashplan on a virtual machine through iohyve. Trying to run ubuntu through bhyve using I made the following errors which I later...