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permission problem

  1. N

    Permissions not applying - SMB share on Ubuntu 18.04

    I have been working on my media server the last couple of days but i can't seem to wrap my head around the permissions. For some reason, i don't have permission to write. I have been running freenas for several years now (current build: FreeNAS-11.1-U7), it has 2 users, my personal account and...
  2. Sokonomi

    [11.2] Syncthing, chmod 'operation not permitted'

    I've been trying to set up syncthing for a while now, but I just cant get it to behave normally. Ive got it running on FreeNAS in a jail with accessible mountpoints, and on a windows 10 computer. The problem is that the folder I share from my windows computer arent being synced. On the NAS...
  3. S

    SOLVED Sharing the Folders & Permission

    Hi, Myself Lokesh Kamath. Recently installed FreeNAS Latest Version 11.1. I have created below folders (Datasets) 1. Shared Folder 2. Softwares 3. Production 1 4. Production 2 5. Quality 6. AS Quality 7. Gen Quality 8. Med Quality 9. Scan In the above folder...
  4. D

    SOLVED Windows 10 permissions when browsing to FreeNAS

    I understand that Windows 10 >1703(?) no longer supports SMBv1 by default and as such Windows Computer Browsing is gone. But I'm seeing a behavior that I don't understand, if I MAP a Freenas SMB share to a Windows drive letter using the IP address (\\192.168.XX.XX\sharename)the permissions seem...
  5. T

    NTFS Permissions not correctly inherited

    On the latest FN11 release I get some strange permission problems: Dataset is set to Windows Permissions with Admin as user and Admin as Group (770). No AD, just Windows Permissions set through the Explorer. From Windows Explorer we set a folder with some users having r/w Access. Now if...
  6. R

    SOLVED Previous versions permission issue

    FreeNAS-9.10.2-U6 I've set up a Windows share and got a snapshot job of it going, and it uses Windows permissions. The freenas is joined to an AD domain. The share itself seems to work fine. The problem is when I try to access one of the snapshots via Windows Previous versions tab. I can see...
  7. awesomer

    Best way to give write permission outside jail

    Edit: Seems like the easiest way to give permissions for applications in jails to write outside the jail is to give the "Everyone" user permission to write? (This is using Windows sharing options)
  8. adarshmadrecha

    Folder Permissions not inherited for some users - SMB Share

    I have setup my new FreeNas as follows: 0. Created a user admin1 under a group admins and ticked Microsoft account. 1. Created a dataset ds1 type windows 2. Gave the permission > owner as admin1 and owner group as wheel 3. Shared this dataset (SMB Share) 4. In windows 10, using file explorer...
  9. bazsi44

    Same source for PLEX+Transmission

    Hi! I have the following strucutre: I have a MEDIA dataset at /mnt/vol_1/MEDIA in my Storage, with media as group and user owner. I also have a plex and transmission jail. Both installed clean, nothing changed. Now, I am trying to achieve that both of them points to the MEDIA folder. Plex...
  10. David47295

    Nextcloud write permission problem

    Hey everyone, So I wanted to try out Nextcloud on FreeNAS and see how it was. I'm able to open install the plugin, mount storage onto the associated jail and see my stuff on the Nextcloud web GUI. But I'm having this issue where I can't upload files using the web GUI. It just says "You don't...
  11. Ash3000k

    PLEASE HELP! Share and folder permission issues

    Hi all, Ive installed the fantastic FREENAS OS on a machine I have with a bunch of drives in and it mainly works great, I have created a user called Ash and a volume called fArchive and set the permissions to: /mnt/fARCHIVE Apply Owner (user): yes Owner (user): Ash Apply Owner (group)...
  12. I

    Windows AD Share Permission

    Hello Everyone, I have one task which i cannot solve for 2 days already. The task is simple - to share (through SMB) one folder in FreeNAS where users (from AD) can create/add any files - but delete only their owned folder/files. In Windows Advanced Security Settings - i set the rights in the...
  13. Kuroshimo

    Plex fails to start after importing backup from Corral

    Hi, I just switched back to 9.10.2 from Corral. Everything went smoothly except the installation of Plex. On 9.10.2, after I installed Plex and set it up, I stopped the plugin and imported the backup of /var/db/plexdata I did in Corral. After that, the plugin failed to start. Sometimes I get the...
  14. David47295

    SOLVED Can't add group in Windows permissions window

    Hey everyone. So I'm trying to add a group that I made in the FreeNAS WebGUI to my list of permissions but when I try to search for the group, I can't find it. Here's a picture of the issue... I'm currently running FreeNAS- (80c1d35) and I'm working with a Windows CIFS...
  15. D

    Getting operation not permitted

    I have set windows as a permission recursively for /mnt/storage/volume in permission type and windows in share type. But I am not able to access volume through smb service. After that I set both permission to Unix but now it is showing "operation not permitted". kindly help.
  16. N

    Home directory configuration question

    I apologize a head of time if this post is longer than it needs to be... My configuration has two sets of home directories. I have one dataset that is shared via NFS and the primary purpose is to provide home directories for a cluster. Everything works fine with that share. The second...