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Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
  1. S

    Indexing SMB share for Mac clients

    Hi there, I would like to ask if it's possible to serve indexed SMB shares for Mac workstations. It seems like someone on this forum post had some success in configuring FreeBSD to do so, but how would I go about doing this on FreeNAS? Our setup is a FreeNAS box linked to Active Directory on...
  2. S

    FreeNAS hosting Mac home directories on Active Directory

    Hi all, thanks for all the information posted in this forum so far, it has been invaluable. I currently have our FreeNAS box serving SMB shares to a set of Macs (mostly Mojave), which are bound to a Windows Server 2019 Active Directory. I would like to have the users' home directories (Library...
  3. S

    VM IP adress changes on every restart

    I have noticed, that every time I restart one of my VMs, it gets a new IP adress from my FritzBox router. The router is configured for DHCP and every other device in my local network (including the FreeNAS itself) always gets the same IP adress. I always thought the ip adress depends on the MAC...
  4. T

    SOLVED Strange transfer speed behavior

    Hi everyone! I've wanted a NAS at my house for a long time, and I decided that building a FreeNAS box would be a great learning opportunity. For now, I'm just exploring with a cheap machine from my university surplus store. The issue I'm having is that when I try to transfer a folder of files...
  5. Q

    SOLVED Can't set Mac OS X Color tags via SMB

    When using SMB to share an Mac OS type share, enabling fruit or streams_xattr VFS object prevent me from setting Mac OS color tags. When doing so a finder pop-up appear asking for my password to change the tags (see attached pictures). Entering my credentials result in a "Permission Denied"...
  6. dfkjhdbdf

    SMB Share Permission Error for Renaming Folders

    Dear all, I am very new to Linux and FreeNas. I currently am accessing my FreeNas through a Mac via SMB. Sometimes, for some reason, when I create a Folder and place files into the folder, I couldn't rename them - I will get a permission error stating that I do not have permission to rename...
  7. SangieWolf

    Can't Create Folders from MacOS using AFP

    I ended up switching from SMB to AFP due to issues with being slow. I'm using macOS 10.13.1 with a FreeNAS build FreeNAS-11.1-U6. When I try to create a new folder, it states I don't have permissions. I can rename folders and files, create files, move files, etc. I just can't modify...
  8. fishfox

    Adobe Premiere generating prompt for SMB credentials

    Hi all, Seeing an extremely strange issue in Premiere when working out of a SMB share. The SMB server is a FreeNAS 11 box. Clients are MacOS El Capitan. I realize this isn't a straight FreeNAS issue but I thought I'd put some feelers out. The issue is that when one clicks the first SMB share...
  9. G

    SSH FreeNAS to Mac - please help

    I have a FreeNAS box for home use - the usual pictures, movies, music, etc. I have very little knowledge or experience with networks, but with a lot of courage and reading, I've been able to create a backup of everything on that FreeNAS over localhost, to a disk that I swap and store off-site...
  10. Simon Pierre Desrosiers

    vfs options for async and acls

    Hello, I am looking for better information on vfs options for async IO and acls. In the documentation for freenas 11.1, there are a two options for aio : aio_pthread and aio_fork. The first one seems to be gone in the latest freenas I installed yesterday. Can anyone explain the difference...
  11. Grinas

    issues on Mac with network share

    Hey, I am sharing drives for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I have no issue on Windows and I have not noticed any issues on Linux but I rarely use it. I noticed that I get a lot of issues with accessing on the Mac whether I am using the apple AFP share. Issues I get: 1. If I copy a folder/file on...
  12. and227

    SOLVED Not able to write files to NAS from Mac

    Hi, I am new to NAS (all not just FreeNAS). I am trying to setup a NAS for my house to store all my media, doc, family files, etc. I also want to run a Plex server and DLNA stuff. I got FreeNAS all up and running after some install troubles. I am running a Core 2 duo with a 1-1 tb hdd (more to...
  13. E

    SOLVED Mysterious user locks file on AFP share...for some

    On our freenas server my girlfriend and I share a common dataset (/mnt/Volume/DSCommon), with equal permissions (via group), although I am also owner. Tonight, we both accessed an Excel file on this dataset, although not simultaneously, but in sequence. After she had closed the file again (and...
  14. caltech

    6 GIG and Direct Connections, Network Through

    So I am building a FreeNAS box for a contract job with the primary usage being a file-sharing and video edit storage machine. The plan is to have an Intel Quad Gig Nic that will be solely for direct connections to the two trashcan mac pros the editors are using. The MoBo port will be for...
  15. M

    Cross Platform File Permissions

    I've struggled with this for years now (setting proper cross-platform file permissions so that users can authenticate and properly use files from a mac, windows, or linux OS). Ive got the following requirements: * multiple windows machines reading and writing files to a shared drive. * 1 mac...
  16. G

    Box does not want to save to my FreeNAS

    I have a Box account and want to set up Box Sync on my Mac. This Mac has a very small disk so I want the Box Sync folder to be on my FreeNAS. However Box Sync says "it can only write to an NTFS or HFS volume". Is there a way around this? If my Mac can write to the FreeNAS no problem, why can't...
  17. L

    Apple share won't show on network

    Hi I have tried to setup an Apple time machine share by following a guide on this forum however it will not show on my Macs network. If I make an SMB share then it does show on my Macs network? But I do not want this as I will be using the disk as a time machine. Help appreciated new to FreeNAS
  18. Z

    Deleting files does not free up space & no trash bin?

    Haven't found anyone who has posted anything similar, so I thought I'd ask: I'm using a Mac, and I've noticed that deleting files on my freenas (shared over afp) does not free up any space. Also, each time I try to delete something, I get a prompt that says "This item will be deleted...
  19. SwisherSweet

    Time Machine Style Backups

    Hi, I found this script: It claims to make time machine style backups using rsync, which is exactly what I'm looking for. However, I'm not quote sure if I can install it in the base FreeNAS OS drive using GIT: git clone...
  20. S

    Creating a Share on a Mac Server

    Hi, I am simply trying to have my existing users home folders moved and able to be accessed through the NAS. I am running open directory on my Mac xserve. I currently have the users home folders(user data) being stored on an external hdd which is connected via firewire 800 to the server. All I...
  21. S

    Creating a Share for User Home Folders (Mac)

    UPDATE: It seems I just need to allow permission for the group that my LDAP users are in to access the share(NAS). Trying to do so results in a "you do not have the necessary permissions" any ideas ? Thanks. Hi everyone Im on a fresh install of freeNAS however I already have users on my Mac...
  22. Number1Onion

    MacPro1,1 2006 - 64bit install with 32bit EFI

    Hello, I'm attempting to boot 64bit FreeNAS install on a 2006 MacPro with a 32bit EFI. Anyone have any experience with this? I have tried installing on another machine and then booting and that fails, etc. Would it be possible to install 32bit and then 64bit on separate drives and move the...
  23. moorecode

    Mac shares disappearing after "reconnecting"

    So I have a number of different shared on my NAS, 4 AFP shares and 2 SMB shares all setup with authentication (tied to groups). I have a user account that is a member of all groups associated with the shares, now here is the issue: On every first connect (after rebooting) all of the folders...
  24. T

    Can't Connect to SMB in macOS 10.12?

    Hi, everyone, I just upgraded my FreeNAS to 9.10 so as to take advantage of the features in the newer version of Samba that allegedly lets Final Cut Pro store its library over SMB. However, while I can get AFP to work just fine with the Mac, I can't connect to the SMB shares. In both cases, I...
  25. A

    Some folders not visible via AFP (only sometimes)

    Hi, I have a freenas which has been using CIFS for about a year. A few days ago I enabled AFP for some of my volumes that are in use by Macs because I noticed that the throughput increased about sixfold (from ~14MBps to ~85 MBps). But I noticed that one of my folders on a volume that I use...
  26. A

    Files cannot be seen in MacOS Finder

    As above, I've a CIFS share that i tried to connect on MacOS as follows: However, it is empty. Checking on the web shell however: There are files in there that I previously uploaded using Windows, how can i see them?
  27. I

    Advice to move from OSX to FreeNAS

    Hi guys This is my first post so nice to meet you !! I wonder if you can help me with this situation I have a Hackintosh this mac is used as a HTPC with Plex. This computer has 6 (six) drives all with HFS+ file system, this computer run PLEX to catalog all the movies and TV shows. I like to move...
  28. D

    Unstable AFP and CIFS. Need help extracting data.

    Hello, I connect to my FreeNAS directly using a patch cable. The Finder crashes all the time in past few months. Previously I used AFP, but in last few months I have switched to using SMB on all shares since Apple deprecated AFP support on El Capitan and supposedly improved SMB support. It has...
  29. K

    FreeNAS drive is a questionmark

    So I have a AFP share that I can access with my credentials, however the drive is shown as a question mark in finder. I don't see the drive in disk utility or when choosing a drive to back up to with Time Machine. I think it has something to do with permissions, but I can't find it. Any ideas...
  30. L

    Mac Finder doesn't update FreeNAS SMB directory contents

    I'm running FreeNAS-9.10.1 (d989edd) as a fileserver for a computer lab. Lab clients are all Macs running OS 10.11.6, connecting via SMB. I put a little bash script in the "skel" folder that retrieves each user's archived files from last year, via rsync (archived files are stored elsewhere on...
  31. K

    USB with FreeNAS installation is not bootable

    I followed and installed FreeNAS on a USB succesfully. However the USB with the FreeNAS installation doesn't show up as a bootable device on my Macbook(tested it on another Machine, didn't work either). I'm not...