1. D

    JumpCloud LDAP Authentication Issue

    Hey all, I'm having an issue with trying to get JumpCloud LDAP to propagate users and groups for account access and SMB home directory generation. I've read and utilized the instructions from JumpCloud (JC) to allow the account to login. I'm fairly certain FreeNAS (FN) is able to access my JC...
  2. R

    FreeNAS Accounts Needed for LDAP Users?

    I have enabled LDAP on my FreeNAS server running FreeNAS-11.1-U6. I'm relatively new to FreeNAS and LDAP, and I'm trying to figure out a way to have home directories automatically created in a designated "home" share on the FreeNAS server. I know this is possible when creating local FreeNAS...
  3. T

    SOLVED Service SMB can not start after upgrade from FreeNAS11.2-U1 to FreeNAS11.2-U2

    Hello there... I just updated a FreeNAS server from 11.2-U1 to 11.2-U2. I can no longer start the SMB service. My users are in LDAP. EDIT: The problem was fixed by adding Adding winbind nested groups = no in section auxiliary parameter under Services->SMB. Thank you @anodos. Something is...
  4. F

    OpenLDAP+FreeNAS how-to, anyone?

    Hi, I followed many guides on the internet on how to set up an openldap server using a raspberry pi. All I want is to have a central place for user authentication for my FreeNAS 11-2, Nextcloud, etc. One of such guides was this one. I create an "ou" on my ldap server, and a group, and users...
  5. E

    LDAP Domain Authority in a FreeNAS Jail

    I'm building a FreeNAS NAS server for my office and thinking about creating an LDAP server in a jail on the NAS box that will control user access to the NFS and SMB shares and also control user access to a couple of other servers we have. I can't find any guides for doing this which makes me...
  6. B

    Newbie Questions

    Hi, I currently run WHS 2011 on an HP N54L microserver with 16GB memory and I'm looking at running FreeNAS instead. I've read various things but I have a few basic questions that I hope someone can help me with. 1. Can I run Logitech Media Server on FreeNAS to manage my Squeezebox music...
  7. B

    unable to get local issuer certificate

    I realize this keeps getting asked, but I have never really found a good solution (besides submitting a bug report). I tried upgrading to 11.1.U5 from 9.10.2-U6 and suddenly ldap started to fail with the "unable to get local issuer certificate" error. Let me emphasize that this worked before...
  8. P

    Unable to join domain with LDAP or AD

    Good evening, It's been a full week since I've been trying to make my NAS join my Windows Server 2016 AD domain. Even after following over 20 tutorials, documentation, and trying to solve the problem by myself, I'm still unable to make it join the domain. Trying with AD: I get this error...
  9. N

    FreeNAS 11 + FreeIPA LDAP Authentication

    Hello Freenas community, I am new here and this question has been asked already a "few" times. Unfortunately I have been 3 days non stop at it and just can't get it right. The idea: To have CIFS shares working with FreeIPA user authentication. The steps I've taken so far: Added cifs service...
  10. K

    LDAP not finding users/groups in OU's below Base DN

    Hello, In lieu of joining my Freenas 11-U4 server to our domain, it appears that LDAP authentication will work fine for my purposes. I am able to get FN to authenticate against my domain, but it is not caching my users or groups. I believe the problem is that my users/groups do not exist in...
  11. W

    sshd reports unknown user for local users

    Hi, after upgrading to FreeNAS 11 we also decided to move away from locally managed users towards an existing LDAP database within our organization. This works great for the all the users who are in that directory. However there are still a couple local system accounts (e.g. for synchronization...
  12. M

    LDAP User and Group Configuration for Samba Shares

    I've got LDAP authentication and group restricted Samba shares configured against both QNAP and Synology NAS devices, and I am trying to create the same configuration/access using FreeNAS, but I am having some trouble and I'm hoping someone can help me out. In my LDAP server the user records...
  13. Luis Thiago

    CIFS + LDAP - Permissão negada ao alterar, incluir e remover nos diretórios compartilhados.

    Bom dia! Tenho um FreeNAS- com serviço de diretório configurado com um servidor LDPA, com as permissões de dataset apontadas para a base LDAP. Utilizo o CIFS para realizar o compartilhamento. Pois bem, eu consigo visualizar e acessar os diretórios, tanto do ubuntu16 (ldap client)...
  14. A

    Secure Open Directory LDAP

    I've successfully setup Kerberos principals for authentication https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/howto-freenas-with-open-directory-in-mac-os-x-environments.46493/ with my Mac mini server running MacOS (10.12.5) Server (5.3.1) and Open Directory. Everything seems to work great...
  15. Howard Swope

    FreeNAS LDAP with FreeIPA

    I am trying to get my FreeNAS to create SMB shares which authenticate against FreeIPA (Redhat Identity Management on Centos7). I have SAMBA installed on FreeIPA box. From the FreeNAS box running getent passwd shows my created users. I can successfully access AFP shares and can successfully SSH...
  16. M

    LDAP Authentification with Samba

    Hello All, I have currently an issue with migrating my FreeNAS from internal list of users to a LDAP Server which I used for a while but you know ... no time for migration :D ! So, Before doing something stupid, I have installed a version of FreeNAS to test if my services were working ... And...
  17. D

    AD/FREEIPA/FREENAS, who's up for the challenge?

    Hey all, So here is the situation, We have a windows 2012 R2 RODC that has a one way trust with freeIPA 4.3 server. I need to be able to authenticate my CIFS/SMB share on Freenas 9.10 with either of these using the windows domain creds. (ldap to AD can also be used). The caveat is that the...
  18. Aurélien

    Besoin de votre expertise (LDAP populate Windows entre deux sites)

    Bonjour à vous, je me permets de poser ma première question (mes recherches n'ont pas abouti) sur le Forum de FreeNAS qui est très riche ! Je tenais à vous exposer mon problème : J'ai deux sites : A et B. Sur mon site A j'ai un FreeNAS connecté à un LDAP sur le même site. Mon FreeNAS possède...
  19. A

    FreeNAS 9.3 to 9.10 LDAP lost and SMB stopped working

    Hello, dear FreeNAS forum team. I had version 9.3 STABLE 201605170422 and updated it to the latest FreeNAS-9.10.1-U2 (f045a8b) version using GUI. Afterwards, I couldn't access my CIFS share. I found that if LDAP is enabled - I can't start CIFS service. I backed up my configuration and did a...
  20. B

    Windows can't join FreeNAS Samba AD DC

    I think the LDAP Server doesn't work well, because when i try to join the Domain with my Windows 7 Pro Client then it show's me that he found the LDAP Server DNS but can't Connect to it. Anyone who can help Me pls?
  21. B

    FreeNAS kann eigenen LDAP Server nicht erreichen

    Wie oben beschrieben. Ich bekomme folgenden Fehler. FreeNAS läuft bei mir auf einem Dell Poweredge 2950 II mit 2x QC XEON E5320 mit je 1,86GHZ und insgesamt 16GB RAM Der Server soll als Active Directory Domain Controller fungieren und die erste Anmeldung an der Domain hat auch Problemlos...
  22. khartahk

    LDAP sets domain in sssd.conf to servers hostname instead of domain.tld

    I'm trying to set up FreeIPA auth for FreeNAS. I've managed to set it up so that i can ssh into the FreeNAS using FreeIPA credentials and also using the ssh key in FreeIPA - but this last part only if I manualy fix the /usr/local/etc/sssd/sssd.conf file. I have to do the following: services =...
  23. C

    Não consigo integração do LDAP com o AD Samba 4

    Bom dia, estou tentando integrar meu freenas com o samba via LDAP, ao integrar me retorna o erro "Strong(er) authentication required, BindSimple: Transport encryption required", no meu samba habilitei o TLS seguindo o link...
  24. E

    Open Directory (LDAP) oddities

    I can query my open directory tree with getent. I can even start typing in names or groups in fields and it auto fills them. But they do not populate in the users and groups in the GUI. help please? Thanks,
  25. A

    Centrify LDAP proxy integration

    Hi, I'm new to AD, LDAP and Freenas. I'm trying to get FreeNAS (FreeNAS-9.10-STABLE-201606270534) to communicate with a Centrify LDAP proxy (v5.3.1-398) in Zone mode running on another machine. This has been considered before (https://bugs.pcbsd.org/issues/6855) but I can't get it to work. I...