sata controller

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Old Man
May 28, 2011
Check out the Rosewill controllers at as a starting place. I know the RC-212 worked for me in FreeNAS 0.7 and it should still work fine now. Find the controller you like and buy that one. Since they are not RAID controllers, if you have a hardware failure you don't have to worry about buying the same item, you can use any computer to put your hard drives and and access your data. Just make sure you buy the correct model for your motherboard card slot available. And you don't need SATA II if you are only buying this for a NAS but if you think you will use this in some other project down the road, buy a SATA II version. And do not waste you money on anything SATA III, these cards are not as fast as a built in MB connection for the cheaper models. Newer SATA III cards are expected out in the near future built using a new chip which promises to get the max throughput of the interface.

Not open for further replies.