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Jun 9, 2011
I have an FN box already but there is some sort of data corruption comming from somewhere and after pretty much replacing everything and testing everything the only thing remaining is the mobo. So, saddly, I am in the market for a new mobo.
The mobo will have to drive two raidz1 sets of 4 hdd's each (4x3Tb and 2x2Tb+2x1Tb), one CD, one floppy + have room for expansion.

What I will re-use:

1 - the hdds
2 - box (coolermaster) with a 200 mm fan mounted on top (*very* quiet and keeping the system *very* cool)
3 - PSU 500 W (peak consumption with hdd spike = 250 W)

This is my proposal, and would appreciate comments or ratings:

-MOBO: Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H

-CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 810 HDX810WFK4FGI Processor - Quad Core

-FAN: Cooler Master RR-910-HTX3-G1 Hyper TX3

-RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Silverline Stiletto 8GB 2X4GB PC3-10666 DDR3


MOBO has 8 on-board SATA channels (6 of which I know work with FN) and the other 2 maybe (if not, I'll add one TX4). Plenty of PCI slots of various performances, USB 3.0, eSATA, on board Video (no need for a separate card). Also the on-board NIC is gigabyte.

CPU: fast enough to cope with the current setup + upgrades (max of 16 hdds) in 4 raidz1 sets.

RAM: 8 Gb (rigth now) but to be expanded to 16 Gb upon upgrades. Ram is not top notch but seems good and stable enough and the price is right.

FAN: it can handle 120W no sweat (the CPU is rated at 95W) so, I expect it to run *very* silent and do an excellent job. The price is also right.

Oh... this is Canada eh! (so no nit picking - I can't get all the wonderful goodies you US people can - I have to deal with whatever I can get) :)
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