Importing spanned drives

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Having a little bit of trouble with some backups at the office and someone suggested FreeNAS. It looks like it could be the perfect solution for me, but I had some quick questions I was hoping someone could answer.

  • Can you import disks that were "spanned" on another system previously?
-I have two Symantec BackupExec servers running right now. One of them is virtualized on an esx cluster, and therefore is giving me trouble when wanting to backup to an external device. I have several disks (off a SAN) attached to this vm client spanned together to form three (roughly) 4TB drives each. When I removed them from one vm client and reattached them in the same order to another one, windows was able to see that they were spanned before and was able to re-span them exactly the same with no data loss. I'm wondering if the same thing can be done if my FreeNAS box is virtualized (so that it has access to my storage on the SAN).

This is more of a question of opinion
  • Is NFS going to work fast enough to support backups of over 130 GB in a relatively quick fashion.
-Right now those extremely large backups only take about an hour or so to perform. and they are also running simultaneously. BackupExec shows my job rates running at between 1.5 and 3 GB/min, so I would assume on a 1Gig Ethernet connection, data rates would not be my limiting factor, but would running two of them simultaneously drastically increase the amount of time it would take to run? I'm trying to keep the backups under 6 Hrs (our maintenance window).

  • Has anyone had any issues with BackupExec running SQL backups to a FreeNAS box in a production environment? Any tips, tricks, or comments?

Thanks in advance!
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