how do i install plex media server WITHOUT INSTALLING all the garbage plexpass info

Steve Davis

Sep 9, 2015
Plex has two different release paths. The first one, plex media server, updates with the latest stable release. The second one plex media server (beta), updates with the latest beta release. After a time the features in the beta move to the stable release. Otherwise they are the same. You need plex pass to be able to access the latest beta release, but you do not need plex pass to run plex media server, nor do you need the beta version to use plex pass: that is determined when you log the server into

If I recall correctly the danb35 script asks you which release path you want to be on.
I installed script from Danb35, it installed perfectly without "all the garbage" plex plugin installed and doesn't try to force me to have a plexpass (I don't have one, only an account with plex)

His script installed as new install no beta and no garbage (just what I was looking for, it functions like the plugin that came with freenas 11.2)
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Aug 16, 2011
it installed perfectly without "all the garbage" plex plugin installed
It installs exactly the same Plex Media Server. Probably a more up-to-date version, but it's the same software from the same source, with nothing unusual about its configuration.


Jun 30, 2020
HI Samuel et al

Frustrated by a HDD connected to my Sony Android TV which allows me to record live TV (in UK on OTA antenna broadcasts). This is fine when working but often the HDD freezes out the TV missus complained t'other day as it was locked on GB News and she couldnt even switch the TV off!!!

You have to to power off the usb HDD then the TV works again. I surmise that the HDD gets too hot, OR , the TV checks the disc encryption and there is a power spike and auth locks up - total guesses obviously.

Anyway this has spurred me to allow my TrueNAS core to store live TV recordings (I used to use Windows Storage Spaces Home server with some foxy named decryption software which I think is defunct now).

Soooooo it looks like I can use Plex media server plugin on a TrueNAS Jail pay for plexipass £35 a year? then I could record live TV possibly :-

TV has a plex client app

DO I need homerunHD tuner or can I use Xbox or Playstation or Kodi droid box?

Too many factors - seems like the copyright people have made the legal ability to store my own TV recordings to view later as in the good ol days of VCRs very difficult and I expect their measures are trite for the torrent sharers who are happily breaking any such constraints!!

Any advice from actual users really welcome cos I am sick of half measures,

Yours aye

Stan the Man


Feb 9, 2019
Sorry for tagging onto this post but I cant find a way of starting one of my own, so maybe someone can help me as a newbie.
I have Plex installed and working on Truenas, but its a pain having to go round the route of Plugins/Manage to start it. Is there an easier way from the Dashboard or a way to add a link somewhere on the dashboard?
Regards jb