FreeNAS 9.10.2-U3, AD, Home shares, permission issue

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Jan 4, 2015
I have installed FreeNAS 9.10.2-U3 connected to a Windows 2016 Server AD. Have created volume Storage and also a dataset called Storage. On the dataset I have another dataset called "Common Files" which is a working SMB share for a AD group.

Next I created a new dataset on the Storage dataset called "Home".

Permissions for the "Home" dataset is:
  • Owner user = root
  • Owner group = wheel
  • Mode: Owner= rwx, Group=rwx, Other=rwx
  • Permission type = Unix
The Home dataset is shared as a Home Folder with default share settings.
  • Use as home share = yes
  • Apply Default Permissions = yes
  • Browsable to Network Clients = not (not selected)
  • Allow Guest Access = no
  • Only Allow Guest Access = no
  • Hosts Allow = "" [none]
  • Hosts Deny = "" [none]
  • VFS Objects is "streams_xattr" and "aio_pthread".
On the home dataset I have created an user dataset, called "Joe" which is an AD member
  • Owner user = ms-domain\Joe
  • Owner group = wheel
  • Permission type = Windows
My problem here is that in the Windows 10 Client, logged in as Joe I can see the folder "Joe" (\\freenas") but I cannot access the folder. Permission denied. Have tried everything I can think of but obviously not a working alternative.

  1. Which permissions shall I configure on the "Home" dataset?
  2. Which permissions shall I configure on the "Joe" dataset?
  3. Is the share permissions configured correctly?
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