ad issues

  1. jg3

    AD user can't sudo

    Hello, Problem: My AD shell account password always fails when using sudo. I have AD auth to my Windows 2012 server working fine, and no other (known) (FreeNAS) problems. I can SSH using my AD password. In trying to follow the tutorial on how to set up a jail I have to run a command like...
  2. E

    FreeNAS 11 + AD Win2k12 R2 Standart

    Ребят, всем привет. Который день бьюсь - не могу никак подружить FreeNAS с доменом. Делал все по инструкции, у FreeNAS'a добавлен DNS - ip-адрес контроллера домена (, все имена в обе стороны резолвятся. При входе в домен, вот что пишет в консольке FreeNAS: " Oct 6 12:06:35 freenas...
  3. B

    How do I assign permissions to an SMB share?

    I joined freenas 11 to my AD. Now I do not get a login prompt when I connect to the freenas share. I also can not add or delete anything from the share. It looks like the whole domain now has read only access to the share. How can I set the permissions to only allow domain\administrators with...
  4. E

    FreeNAS 9.10.2-U3, AD, Home shares, permission issue

    I have installed FreeNAS 9.10.2-U3 connected to a Windows 2016 Server AD. Have created volume Storage and also a dataset called Storage. On the dataset I have another dataset called "Common Files" which is a working SMB share for a AD group. Next I created a new dataset on the Storage dataset...
  5. pechkin000

    SOLVED Unable to check for updates and/or join AD

    Hello, I recently did a fresh install of 9.10 after downgrade from Coral didn't go well. Everything is fine except I get the following error when I try to check for updates: Update server could not be reached <urlopen error [Errno 8] hostname nor servname provided, or not known> Traceback...