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Capitalisation - warden and iocage

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Basil Hendroff

Neophyte Sage
Jan 4, 2014
When referring to the FreeNAS jail managers, what is the correct capitalisation of the terms when used within a sentence? I've seen warden and Warden; iocage, I o c a g e and I O c a g e used within the forum? Surprising, considering such a big deal is made of the capitalisation rules for FreeNAS (FreeNAS: About the name).

From what I see on the iocage website, the term iocage isn't capitalised even at the start of a sentence! As for warden, I'm not sure? FreeNAS 113-RC2 release notes seem to use both warden and Warden interchangeably within a sentence.
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May 29, 2011
Being a proper name, if "iocage" isn't capitalized within a sentence, it wouldn't be capitalized at the start of a sentence either, any more than your own name would be de-capitalized just because it was used mid sentence. Names are literal and retain capitalization.

Many classic rules have fallen into disuse especially in the current generation of texters and abbreviators.

You can always see if you can annoy everyone with MiDdLeCaSe.