1. H

    Replace all Hard drives (complete array) without losing my data or configurations

    Dear All, I was introduced to Freenas like two month ago while was experimenting with creating a NAS. I had an Old CPU tower that has two x1 TB hard drives . I created a pool with both drives and now they are full . I like FreeNas now so I bought 3x10 TB WD drives . I want to use them to...
  2. O

    SOLVED [Solved] Problem HDD, replaced but cannot resilver or add to pool

    Hi, Firstly, due to personal reasons, my current NAS setup was never fully completed upon last rebuild, adding all the email stuff for alerts and scripts etc. That was my bad, but I just wasn't using it either, until recently. So I had undusted the box to try get a good working Plex setup again...
  3. D

    Resilver Icon Not Showing while Resilvering

    I recently replaced a drive. The resilvering icon that normally appears in the top bar and % complete at the bottom no longer appear while the pool is resilvering. I just ran: zpool statue | more And can see the resilver status is currently about 82%, however I'm not seeing the resilver icon...
  4. N

    Suggestions for handling errors after resilver

    I replaced one drive in a 2 drive mirror and resilvered the mirror. The system is now reporting there are permanent errors in one specific file. The file isn't too important, but I restored it from another copy anyway. But zpool status is still reporting permanent errors on that file. The help...
  5. S

    SOLVED Resilver running slowly with WD Blue (23 DAYS!)

    I have a drive currently resilvering that is taking a LONG time. The TL;DR version: The pool is a 8x6TB RAIDZ2, and is 81% full. I am trying to replace a drive in the array with a shucked WD Blue (WD60EZAZ). The resilver has been running for 2 days already. The write speed is dropping...
  6. schoolpost

    Determine Drive Health | Which Disk is Closest to Failure?

    Hello, Is there a stat or measurement you can refer to in FreeNas that will tell you your drives health? I'm swapping drives out of my RAID Z3 10 drive pool for larger ones and noticed my most recent resilver took much longer than usual. ( ~ 50MB/s I usually see about double during my...
  7. A

    raidz2 keeps crashing during resilver process

    I have a raidz2 in FreeNAS 11.1 that has been running great for quite a while but I noticed the other day one of my drives was beginning to fail as the Offline_Uncorrectable value began to steadily increase over the past couple days and had gotten to about 9k when my new drive arrived. Mind you...
  8. E

    "WARNING: The recovery key of your volume will be invalidated!" when replacing disk

    One of the disks in a mirrored ZVOL was reporting large number of failed sector reads so I got myself a replacement disk. I shutdown the system, removed the dodgy disk and put in it's replacement. I go to replace the disk in the webGUI in the Volume Status section and I'm told "WARNING: The...
  9. T

    SOLVED Can degraded HDD help resilvering?

    I am new to FreeNas ... just set up my first one a week ago ... everything running smoothly so far Tried searching this forum and google ... but could not find anything to my question, which is: When one of the disk is flagged degraded ... and new disk is put for resilvering ... can FreeNas...
  10. gh123man

    RaidZ2 endless resilvering

    Hi all, I am running FreeNAS-11.1-U1 and have 16 (1.5 and 2.0TB mixed) drives in a raidz2 pool. I recently had what I believe to be a faulty sata cable causing a device to pop online and offline over and over again. I have replaced the affected disk and the sata cable and it has left my pool...
  11. Daniel Augusto H. Jr.

    Replace Corrupted Disk but Remains Degraded After Resilver

    After I have done the replace and finished resilver the old disk is still being listed and offline (I have already removed it from the machine) and continues the DEGRADED state. What should I do? The resilver process took + or - 48h and the server was unstable during this time. It restarted...
  12. C

    Pool status "healthy" when resilvering

    Why does FreeNAS Web UI report the Pool status as healthy when a pool is resilvering. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to say Resilvering XX.X%?
  13. J

    Drives offline, replaced w/ data errors, and hung resilvering. Could use some help.

    My ZFS is in a bad place, and I'm out of ideas on how to fix it. Short summary: I'm running RAID-Z2, 6x3TB drives, running under encryption through FreeNAS's geli layer. After moving, I unboxed my server and powered in on - all's well, went to my folks' for the holidays. Remotely, I notice my...
  14. Kuyper

    SOLVED Ran zpool replace, started a resilver, now my system has Panicked (so am I!)

    2017-12-31 noon UPDATE: Solved! When rolling back an OS to an earlier release (in my case to 11.0.U4 from 11.1) you CANNOT restore from the later release's backup; @Ericloewe pointed this out, and after doing a factory reset (on the 11.0.U4 install) I recovered from my 9.3 backup, let it do...
  15. Smithcraft

    Timing resilvering?

    Hello! So I should be getting my replacement drive later today, and I was wondering if there is a way to time the resilvering time with FreeNAS 9.10? I'm just curious for a baseline for my system incase I need to resilver again. Thanks! SC
  16. F

    Disk replace has led to checksum errors, hot spare resilver, multiple sets of mirrors

    Hi all, Help! We currently have a spectacular zpool status which contains the following: state: DEGRADED status: One or more devices has experienced an unrecoverable error. An attempt was made to correct the error. Applications are unaffected. action: Determine if the device needs to be...
  17. X

    Drives keep resilvering

    Just ordered in 3 Seagate 2tb hard drives and have dropped them into a Raid-Z config. Been trying to copy from my external HDD over to them to repopulate my media collection on the server, but every time I do, it seems like there's some critical error. The first time I tried plugging the...
  18. H

    Replace Disk triggered resilver with an expected runtime of 580-620 hours

    Hi, I mostly use my freenas set-up as a media server. First time post, so I'll try and follow the posting rules as best I can. Situation: FreeNas GUI reported that a pool was degraded. This also coincided with the pool being too full, so I had a disk handy that I could add (which was recognized...
  19. S

    Why is resilvering a simple mirror unexpectedly slow?

    I've used zpool attach to add a mirror to a single drive vdev, as part of setting up my new server (I had to do it that way as I'm migrating both disks and data; there's a backup of the data on the old server). What surprises me is that after attaching, its resilvering speed was consistently...
  20. Bensonjohnson

    Resilvering using a dual external dock usb 3.0 dock.

    I am currently in the process of upgrading my pool by replacing each individual disk. The best way to do is to leave the current disks rather then replace them. Well.... I am using an itx build with no exta spots. I hooked up my dual generic usb 3 dock and put two drives in to resilver two at a...
  21. D

    Resilver restarts when taking drive offline?

    I am running RAIDZ2 and I began getting SMART errors on a drive. I did a scrub and then immediately added an additional drive (keeping the problem drive ONLINE) and began the resilver process. It was going along pretty good, about 10% per day. Around the 5th day, it slowed down to about 3% or...