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Which theme do you use most often here?

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  • Ganz großes Kino -testing

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BOfH in User's clothing
May 18, 2016
Aside from the theme XenForo chooses for you as default, if you use the theme selector on the left side of the footer, you could choose from:
  • Vanilla XenForo Style has zero adjustments made from its default install other than anything that may have carried over from XenForo 1.x and any early local changes that may remain.
  • Ganz großes Kino is one I maintain with some customizations which adapt to larger viewports.
    • Ganz großes Kino -dark is primarily black and grey with limited white and very limited color.
    • Ganz großes Kino -testing might be wonky at times.
  • New Style (default theme) has some adjustments over the Vanilla theme including some color differences and fixes.