VM hangs after a while


Jan 5, 2024
I have installed TrueNAS SCALE and now I am trying to create a virtual machine. It works to set it up, and use it for a while, but then it freezes. It seems not to matter if I do anything with it or it just idles. After a while it becomes completely unresponsible. Both in SPICE and over ssh. I cannot restart it from TrueNAS, but I can power it off. Doing so and start it again will give me another 10-30 minutes before it hangs again. TrueNAS itself keeps running smoothly. It is just the VM that hangs.

Trying to provide as much details I can:

TrueNAS SCALE 23.10.1
ASUS STRIX B550 F mainboard
64 GB DDR4 ECC RAM (2x32 GB modules)
4X WD Black SN850X 4T SSD drives on an ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 PCIe card, raidz1 configuration
5X WD Ultrastar HC550 16T 7200RPM drives on motherboard SATA, raidz2 configuration

VM summary:

Name: postgres
OS: Debian 12
CPU Mode: Host Model
GPU: Ensure Display Device
Virtual CPUs: 1
Cores: 8
Threads: 1
Memory Size: 12 GiB
Boot Loader Type: UEFI
System Clock: LOCAL
Display Port: 5900
Device ID
4NIC1003trust_guest_rx_filters: false nic_attach: enp12s0 mac: 00:a0:98:15:99:a0 type: VIRTIO
5DISK1001iotype: THREADS physical_sectorsize: null logical_sectorsize: null type: VIRTIO path: /dev/zvol/ssd/vm-images/postgres-bebiv
7DISPLAY1004wait: false web_port: 5901 resolution: 1024x768 type: SPICE web: true password: *** bind: port: 5900
8DISK1002iotype: THREADS physical_sectorsize: null logical_sectorsize: null type: VIRTIO path: /dev/zvol/ssd/vm-images/postgres-data