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Undelete files from FreeNAS encrypted ZFS Pool

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Feb 27, 2021
Hi everyone.

I got into trouble by accidentally deleting one catalogue from my FreeNAS 11.3 server and need help to undelete it.

The files were stored on 2x 3TB disks running in the mirror, on an encrypted ZFS pool. There is no snapshot done, and after deleting the files, the server was immediately turned off. I have the ability to run the server, root password and GELI.KEY decryption key.

I need to recover a deleted photo directory. I wanted to use Klennet ZFS Recovery on Windows but in order to decrypt it takes a key of 32 Bytes maximum and my GELI.KEY is 64 Bytes. Is it possible to take an image of an encrypted volume in a decrypted state to recover deleted files from it? Or maybe there is another way? I'm stuck, please help.