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May 16, 2016
Globally Distributed Storage Comes to TrueNAS

iXsystems is partnering with Storj, an innovator in Web3 storage, to deliver Globally Distributed Storage (GDS) for TrueNAS users. The GDS service called iX-Storj is first available on TrueNAS SCALE Bluefin BETA and will soon be available for all versions of TrueNAS in Q4 2022. GDS stores data redundantly across a globally distributed network and provides an option for a second or third geographic location for data backups or archives.

Check out the iX-Storj Blog to learn more.

TrueNAS SCALE Bluefin Reaches BETA

TrueNAS SCALE Bluefin (22.12) is here and marks the beginning of the new major release series for significant TrueNAS SCALE feature improvements in scale-up performance, cluster visibility, lifecycle management, active-active reliability, and Linux-based security. It is also the first version for evaluating iX-Storj for globally distributed storage (GSD).

Learn more about what is new in the Bluefin BETA Release Blog.

Which Version of TrueNAS is Best for Me?

TrueNAS can be used in many ways, and choosing your version of TrueNAS and when to upgrade is often a matter of quality preferences for given use cases. With the maturity of TrueNAS CORE 13.0-U2 and TrueNAS SCALE 22.02.3, these versions have tens of thousands of users and are now recommended for general use.

Read more on the Software Status page.

TrueNAS CORE 13.0-U2 & TrueNAS SCALE 22.02.3 Updates

In this video, Tom from Lawrence Systems discusses the changes and improvements in TrueNAS CORE and TrueNAS SCALE and updates you on the latest features.

iX and Klara – The Open Source Era is Upon Us

Whether you are pursuing an open source strategy on your own or looking to outsource your efforts, Klara can help ensure you will achieve the outcomes you need. Watch this video to learn more.

Win a 70 TB TrueNAS Mini X and Help End Hunger!

We are grateful to those in our community who have already contributed a review. In July, we partnered with G2 hoping to call upon the TrueNAS Community to raise $500 for World Central Kitchen. We are currently at $1,050! Help us triple our goal and reach $1,500!

Until September 30th, you can leave a TrueNAS review for a chance to win a 70 TB TrueNAS Mini X and other awesome prizes, including a $200 gift card! For every review left on their site, G2 will donate $10 to support World Central Kitchen.

Leave your reviews and be entered to win HERE!

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Tech Tip #115

Because TrueNAS SCALE is provided as an .ISO file, it works on all virtual machine solutions (VMware, VirtualBox, Citrix Hypervisor, etc). If you’re interested in installing SCALE on a VM on Windows, you can use VMware Workstation Player.

To learn more about installing SCALE on a VM or on physical hardware, read the TrueNAS SCALE release notes.

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