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SCALE 22.12 Bluefin

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Last Modified 2022-05-09 08:54 EDT

While the current version of TrueNAS SCALE receives maintenance updates, the next major version is in active development. This article collects various details about this upcoming major version: early release notes, developer notes, and how to help test the in-development version. This is a work in progress and details are added as development progresses on this SCALE release.

Early releases are intended for testing and early feedback purposes only. Do not use early release software for critical tasks.

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System Requirements

  • Any x86_64 compatible (Intel or AMD) processor
  • 8GB of RAM (More is better)
  • 20GB Boot Device

Nightly Status

Nightly images for TrueNAS SCALE are built every 24 hours, at around 2AM Eastern (EDT/EST) time. Online updates are created every 2 hours and are available in the SCALE UI online updating page.

Angelfish Stable Nightly Images (Stable Branch, more suitable for testing)

ISO Installation Files

Manual Update File

Bluefin Unstable Nightly Images (Unstable Branch, developers and brave testers)

ISO Installation Files

Manual Update File