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TrueCommand 2.3.1 Release Notes

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Last Modified 2023-02-27 09:21 EST

Software Lifecycle

TrueNAS Quality Lifecycle

Release StageCompleted QA CyclesTypical UseDescription
ALPHA1TestersNot much field testing
BETA2EnthusiastsMajor Feature Complete, but expect some bugs
RC4Home UsersSuitable for non-critical deployments
RELEASE6General UseSuitable for less complex deployments
U17Business UseSuitable for more complex deployments
U2+8Larger SystemsSuitable for higher uptime deployments

TrueCommand Schedule

All release dates listed are tentative and are subject to change. The items in this list might not show every deadline or testing cycle that iXsystems uses to manage internal effort.

The progress and specific work is being tracked through tickets opened in Jira. If you have a feature suggestion or bug report, create a Jira account and file a ticket in the TrueNAS or TrueCommand projects. TrueNAS SCALE tickets are also tracked in the TrueNAS Jira Project.

VersionCheckpointScheduled Date
2.3.2Code-freeze23 March 2023
2.3.2Internal Testing Sprints27 March 2023 - 07 April 2023
2.3.2Tag10 April 2023
2.3.2Release11 April 2023


February 16, 2023

iXsystems is pleased to release TrueCommand 2.3.1! This release is a maintenance release that fixes issues identified in the 2.3.0 release and adds a few new improvements. Changes include:

  • Refresh option no longer logs users out of TrueCommand
  • Unlimited disk count license no longer enforced
  • Upgrade available indication added to system dashboard cards
  • Port option added to the Servers Add screen
  • Code field now sends SMTP Configuration Validation

2.3.1 Change Log


  • TC-2399 Use `code` field from alert plugin test/send
  • TC-2511 Add an upgrade available indication to the system Dashcards
  • TC-2529 Unlimited disk count - do not enforce license
  • TC-2555 Add port field to servers/add API
  • TC-2573 Default port to 443 on cloud and 80 on site


  • TC-2547 Hitting refresh for a few times will log out the user
  • TC-2553 Disable strict SNI host matching in Caddyfile
  • TC-2559 Panic when adding certificate
  • TC-2560 fix marshaling error for cpu temperature stats


January 25, 2023

iXsystems is pleased to release TrueCommand 2.3.0! This release of TrueCommand includes a new cluster details panel, and makes improvements in several areas including:

  • Allows adding the IP or host name validators when creating a new system
  • Allows adding custom NetBIOS name when configuring Active Directory on clustering
  • Adds Google authentication support for two-factor authenication (2fa)
  • Improves email connection testing and adds explicit SMTP errors
  • Improves logging and alerts in middleware and the UI

This release also fixes issues found with team avatars, adding systems to TrueCommand, Certificate Authorities (CAs) in TrueCommand, and with downloading the service provider metadata in SAML administration.

2.3.0 Change Log

New Features



  • TC-1932 Show explicit SMTP errors and employ better UX for testing email connections
  • TC-2107 Merge realtime-chart and dash-system-status
  • TC-2112 add IP or hostname validator in creating new system
  • TC-2251 Allow custom NetBIOS name when configuring AD on Clustering
  • TC-2311 Add colored logging support
  • TC-2387 Add Google Auth support for 2FA
  • TC-2394 Deprecate nas/send_method APIs related to iSCSI, network and others
  • TC-2457 drop in GORM/dependencies and migrate cluster_tsp table
  • TC-2458 migrate alert_rules table to GORM
  • TC-2462 migrate logs and ui_logs tables to GORM
  • TC-2476 Show expiration warning dialog once a day
  • TC-2484 Changed randomization from internal util to gofakeit
  • TC-2486 Add shares data in `cluster/list`
  • TC-2489 Add the Gin module and start a separate server with it having Caddy on the top
  • TC-2503 fix nil user error on signup
  • TC-2506 Incorrect display of storage stats in dash-card
  • TC-2512 remove extra newlines from MW log download
  • TC-2534 Handle CORS for all TCP API endpoints


  • TC-2438 No team avatars on user page
  • TC-2454 `Download Service Provider Metadata` is not working In Admin SAML
  • TC-2477 CA not sticking when set via TrueCommand
  • TC-2483 Unable to add system to TrueCommand - support case
  • TC-2514 Incorrect stats and chart labels in cluster-card
  • TC-2519 Fix cluster/list response when one of the systems is offline
  • TC-2527 Fix undefined license console error
  • TC-2532 SAML user creation fails


October 18, 2022

iXsystems is pleased to release TrueCommand 2.2.2! This is a maintenance release of TrueCommand 2.2 that includes some improvements for charts and a variety of bugfixes for licensing, LDAP, reporting, connections, and alerting.


  • TC-2357 Report charts x-axis datapoint sometimes display overlapping labels
  • TC-2274 API endpoint for downloading config backup
  • TC-2215 Change build type from build to runtime


  • TC-2325 Disabled importing licenses on Cloud
  • TC-2297 Available servers do not appear in header
  • TC-2294 Unlimited License
  • TC-2293 Proxy NAS interface via ssl redirects to TC
  • TC-2289 LDAP Failing to Connect
  • TC-2288 TrueCommand Drive Count Issue
  • TC-2287 Mismatched internal and NAS alert priority breaks user notices
  • TC-2286 Panic on LDAP user creation
  • TC-2275 Wireguard configuration not applied in TC container
  • TC-2273 Can’t Access System Card (And backed up config files) when system is offline
  • TC-2268 Health Indicator on Cluster UI widget not responsive
  • TC-2257 Issue Loading Reporting and Cluster UI Pages


August 12, 2022

This is a minor release designed to address some additional cluster issues found between TrueCommand 2.2 and SCALE 22.02.3.


  • TC-2254 Fix middleware logs to be one per line
  • TC-2248 ctdb.public.ips.create is a job and GlusterSMBConfig atomicity


  • TC-2261 Build/publish tags
  • TC-2259 Use cluster name for netbios
  • TC-2253 TC wizard does not create A records in active directory when 22.02.3 is used
  • TC-2247 Generated hostname is longer than 15 charcters preventing clustering setup
  • TC-2245 RRDcached sockets timeout on read, fork, and fail to reconnect
  • TC-2207 2FA window pops back up after successful login with Auth code


August 02, 2022

The TrueCommand team is pleased to announce TrueCommand 2.2 is now available!

Users with TrueCommand deployed in a Docker-style container are advised to back up their TrueCommand <container>/data volume before attempting an upgrade to version 2.2. See Back up the Container Volume for specific examples.

2.2 Changelog


  • TC-2221 - Remove “Distributed” volume type
  • TC-2203 - make Dispersed the default cluster volume type
  • TC-2174 - update UI text for clustering feature
  • TC-2173 - UI fixes in add-cluster-volume
  • TC-2170 - Show loading spinner in add-cluster-volume
  • TC-2165 - add ACL template choices to cluster volume share creation view
  • TC-2162 - Remove glusterd from services UI
  • TC-2158 - display additional information about cluster volume subvols
  • TC-2148 - Restrict number of nodes allowed in Cluster
  • TC-2141 - add notice about entering clustered SMB mode
  • TC-2131 - Replace rpc/query with proper ping endpoint
  • TC-2122 - push release/* images on PR merge
  • TC-2106 - split clustering into two wizards
  • TC-2099 - clustered SMB design polish
  • TC-2093 - Minor imporvements to MW connection down alert
  • TC-2080 - tap into gluster/fuse events to maintain a cluster cache
  • TC-2078 - remove code from previous clustering implementation
  • TC-2070 - Open File Explorer (NAS Manager) not available on connected SCALE systems
  • TC-2055 - Unit tests for shared utils
  • TC-2039 - endpoints for creating and deleting cluster volumes
  • TC-2035 - remove users/get_data and users/set_data
  • TC-2015 - Unit test for sessions module and its components
  • TC-2014 - Remove references to data/curve_fit API
  • TC-2013 - Remove data/curve_fit
  • TC-2010 - Unit test for the nas-users components
  • TC-2005 - Unit test for gluster and iscsi components
  • TC-2001 - Move functions into utility subpackage
  • TC-2000 - Move logger into subpackage
  • TC-1994 - Unit tests for hardware and alerts modules and their components
  • TC-1991 - Unit test for reporting module and its components
  • TC-1986 - Unit test for dashboard page and its components
  • TC-1981 - Unit test for the admin page
  • TC-1979 - Unit test for LDAP form and its test dialog
  • TC-1975 - Create API endpoint for starting the iSCSI service of system
  • TC-1974 - Setup unit testing for the UI
  • TC-1964 - Add more error checks, especially to JSON Marshal calls
  • TC-1960 - Refactor uploaders to use a single drag and drop component
  • TC-1959 - Rework NAS routines to handle messages directly as opposed to through a pool
  • TC-1958 - Avert potential mutex copying issues detected by govet
  • TC-1957 - Run “-race” on MW build and correct possible race conditions
  • TC-1956 - Improve LDAP form layout and UX
  • TC-1955 - Middleware LDAP test coverage
  • TC-1947 - UI Lint - add new eslint rules
  • TC-1946 - Break MW file structure into smaller packages
  • TC-1942 - Rework WS Management
  • TC-1933 - Use Jira ticket ID for docker images on GitHub Packages
  • TC-1931 - Disable PR merge until tests pass
  • TC-1929 - Tests: register all NASes at the beginning of the run
  • TC-1928 - Replace all directives and components prefix to tc
  • TC-1925 - Show tooltip for the disabled bricks in the Create Cluster Volume.
  • TC-1924 - Adjust log rotation to use max size
  • TC-1923 - Configure linting for the UI
  • TC-1920 - Make the UI dependencies version fixed.
  • TC-1918 - Middleware logging improvements
  • TC-1917 - Split chart generation to avoid frontend configuration in Middleware
  • TC-1915 - Move tests to readonly config file
  • TC-1914 - Add support for YAML configs
  • TC-1909 - Use events to get update on jobs
  • TC-1899 - Build TrueCommand on github PRs
  • TC-1897 - Redo init routines to avoid loops and encourage concurrency
  • TC-1896 - Move middleware-start to Middleware as bootstrap
  • TC-1889 - Fully lint Middleware and corresponding utilities
  • TC-1888 - Update UI dependencies
  • TC-1887 - Update Middleware dependencies
  • TC-1886 - Move wg-mgr to middleware
  • TC-1884 - Safety belt for Clustering feature
  • TC-1882 - Unify regular and SaaS build
  • TC-1878 - Add Experimental flags to Users/Groups+SAML
  • TC-1874 - Functional tests for iscsivolumes/* endpoints
  • TC-1873 - Functional tests for utilities/* endpoints
  • TC-1872 - Functional tests for cluster.cluster_* MW endpoints
  • TC-1869 - Add a Confirmation screen when the cluster is successfully deleted
  • TC-1860 - Automated testing infrastructure
  • TC-1841 - Convert LogEntry to use unix for its timestamp
  • TC-1712 - Check iSCSI service status when creating a share
  • TC-1654 - Edit groups window does not have parity with System Edit Window
  • TC-1593 - Swap io/ioutil to other packages once 1.16 is widely adopted
  • TC-1461 - Admin menus have wasted space requiring scrolling

New Feature

  • TC-2092 - add nas/smb_presets API
  • TC-2084 - cluster/share_* endpoints for managing cluster volume shares
  • TC-2065 - automated tests for cluster/create and cluster/delete
  • TC-2062 - endpoint for deleting clusters
  • TC-2060 - endpoint for listing clusters
  • TC-2059 - add endpoint to configure cluster for smb sharing
  • TC-2057 - add cluster/public_interface endpoint for UI
  • TC-2030 - Add MW support for interface.choices and gluster.peer.ips_available
  • TC-2025 - Refactor audit logs to use sqlite for backend datastore
  • TC-2024 - Refactor notice management to use sqlite for backend datastore
  • TC-2023 - Write NAS stats to rrd
  • TC-2022 - Add logic for initializing rrds on startup
  • TC-2021 - Add migration logic for notices and audit logs
  • TC-2020 - Implement sqlite subpackage
  • TC-2019 - Implement rrd subpackage
  • TC-2018 - Add sqlite and rrdtool to docker images
  • TC-2017 - Shore up functional tests for audit logs
  • TC-2016 - Shore up functional tests for alert notices
  • TC-1995 - Design SMB Clustering Screens
  • TC-1984 - Validate uploaded certificates
  • TC-1978 - Sync system time via NTP with Chrony
  • TC-1922 - Add unit tests command to TC
  • TC-1898 - Create influx stress test
  • TC-1808 - endpoint for creating clusters
  • TC-1668 - Return to new User after creating a new team from the User Screen


  • TC-1999 - Refactor MW dependencies into subpackages
  • TC-1890 - Refactor middleware
  • TC-1859 - Functional MW API tests
  • TC-1814 - Clustered SMB Support


  • TC-2160 - Change email field back to optional in user-edit page
  • TC-2086 - Gross error when clicking on encrypted directory in file manager
  • TC-2081 - Absurdly high stats break data bars on dash/server page
  • TC-2075 - Attempting to delete file in filemanager on NAS Pool
  • TC-2074 - Emails On TrueCommand Cloud Are Not Going Through
  • TC-2073 - TrueCommand Invalid Queue Length API Error
  • TC-2063 - API call to import TLS cert fails with {“error”:“invalid character ‘\n’ in string literal”}
  • TC-2058 - iSCSI manager does not create volume after completing
  • TC-2033 - Add System Button Screen Dimming Does Not Go Away
  • TC-1992 - Close down file watcher on shutdown
  • TC-1990 - Trouble With Deleting Alerts
  • TC-1988 - Do not fail deployment if Influx already setup
  • TC-1987 - IPv6 support for TC on-prem
  • TC-1985 - Handle instance where filewatcher util can fail on initialization
  • TC-1983 - Middleware API crash when i try verify email of my profile in truecommand docker version
  • TC-1982 - Cluster Volume not showing in UI
  • TC-1969 - Apply formatter for all html and ts files
  • TC-1967 - Deleting Certificate Authorities not working
  • TC-1966 - Removing Cluster Volume Hangs
  • TC-1952 - TrueCommand Cloud Customers Can Reach The Alert Services Page
  • TC-1948 - Removal of team in edit-user page is not working
  • TC-1943 - TrueCommand Certificate Issues
  • TC-1941 - Unable to open TrueNAS proxy interface on cloud
  • TC-1939 - Filewatcher does not readd deleted files
  • TC-1934 - Mailserver Test Button Lacks Meaningful Output
  • TC-1930 - Upgrade from TrueCommand 1.3 to 2.0/2.1 Breaks LDAP
  • TC-1921 - Imported Certificates Are Not Showing In The WebUI
  • TC-1919 - When creating a replicated volume , the option to specify the replica count doesn’t come up
  • TC-1913 - TrueCommand does not start when pointed to a custom certificate
  • TC-1911 - Mismatch between ignore_alerts in MW and UI
  • TC-1908 - Not deleting or reusing TSP
  • TC-1906 - Reset PW from Login Emailed Credentials not Recognized
  • TC-1881 - Alerts count on the System Dashcard are going up and they are now too big for the alert bubble
  • TC-1846 - Better handling of dropped connection to middleware


March 29, 2022

The TrueCommand team is pleased to announce TrueCommand 2.1.1 is now available.

2.1.1 Changelog


  • [TC-1924] - Adjust log rotation to use max size
  • [TC-1968] - Add build/deploy github workflow to release/2.1

Bug Fixes

  • [TC-1913] - TrueCommand does not start when pointed to a custom certificate
  • [TC-1921] - Imported Certificates Are Not Showing In The WebUI
  • [TC-1934] - Mailserver Test Button Lacks Meaningful Output
  • [TC-1937] - Docker Does Not Start Again After Import Certificates
  • [TC-1941] - Unable to open TrueNAS proxy interface on cloud
  • [TC-1948] - Removal of team in edit-user page is not working
  • [TC-1966] - Removing Cluster Volume Hangs
  • [TC-1967] - Deleting Certificate Authorities not working
  • [TC-1982] - Cluster Volume not showing in UI
  • [TC-1983] - Middleware API crash when I try verify email of my profile in truecommand docker version
  • [TC-1985] - Handle instance where filewatcher util can fail on initialization
  • [TC-1988] - Do not fail deployment if Influx already setup
  • [TC-1990] - Trouble With Deleting Alerts


January 4, 2022

The TrueCommand team is pleased to announce TrueCommand 2.1 is now available.

TrueCommand 2.1 is the single pane of glass for:

  • TrueNAS CORE: Manage systems on standard servers, Minis, or even AWS.
  • TrueNAS Enterprise: Manage X-Series and M-Series systems with High Availability.
  • TrueNAS SCALE: Manage a group of systems running a TrueNAS SCALE cluster.

2.1 Changelog

New Feature

  • [TC-1184] - Add two-factor authentication support
  • [TC-1581] - Have TC auto-generate and use an auth token after initial NAS connect
  • [TC-1711] - NAS user management
  • [TC-1757] - Add SAML SSO support
  • [TC-1774] - Add ability to manage NAS users/groups for shares.
  • [TC-1823] - Add ability to reset user passwords from login page


  • [TC-1468] - EULA needs to identify GPL components
  • [TC-1489] - Question about the Dashboard System Options Menu
  • [TC-1603] - Update selenium tests
  • [TC-1655] - Include Group or All option for system selection for reports
  • [TC-1663] - Add email verification to user email
  • [TC-1772] - Multiple time formats in use
  • [TC-1789] - Alerts for failed/suspicious login activity on a NAS
  • [TC-1806] - Remove PostgreSQL and migration routine.
  • [TC-1811] - Add Test button for LDAP settings
  • [TC-1813] - Rewrite shell scripts to go binaries
  • [TC-1816] - Unique name for the TC instance when it registers a token on the NAS
  • [TC-1820] - Unix permissions widget
  • [TC-1821] - Remove ng2-validation dependency
  • [TC-1834] - Add verbose logging and log level config
  • [TC-1835] - Update SMR disk model scanning
  • [TC-1844] - Prune dead code
  • [TC-1850] - Add warning to Cluster feature
  • [TC-1857] - Delete Dataset shouldn't be an option for datasets with children
  • [TC-1865] - Bugclerk for TrueCommand team
  • [TC-1869] - Add a Confirmation screen when the cluster is successfully deleted
  • [TC-1876] - Disable adding/replacing/removing peers/bricks
  • [TC-1878] - Add Experimental flags to Users/Groups+SAML
  • [TC-1884] - Safety belt for Clustering feature
  • [TC-1893] - Add memory health check


  • [TC-1800] - Enhanced Authentication Support
  • [TC-1815] - SMB User Management

Bug Fixes

  • [TC-1761] - Used space on system tiles reported as a whole number
  • [TC-1768] - Storage Navigator and Datasets card issues
  • [TC-1783] - SMR Alerts: Disk/Model desync from NAS?
  • [TC-1784] - Share Count Numbers always 0
  • [TC-1812] - DNS lookup failure
  • [TC-1826] - Alert rules not staying paused
  • [TC-1829] - Network speed reporting issues
  • [TC-1833] - Clumsy resolving long alert messages
  • [TC-1839] - NAS API Error - Can't view Storage
  • [TC-1851] - Include the User's name and UID in the logs
  • [TC-1856] - Cluster creation - API error
  • [TC-1908] - Not deleting or reusing TSP
  • [TC-1911] - Mismatch between ignore_alerts in MW and UI

Known Issues

Seen InKeySummaryWorkaroundResolved In
TC 2.3.0TC-2609Unable to recreate a cluster after removing the clusterAfter removing a cluster, unable to create a new cluster as not all settings with dropdown lists populate the options preventing configuring required settings. Recommend you not delete your cluster until this is fixed. Underlying issue is identified and will be included in the next release.Targeted 2.3.2
TC 2.3.0TC-2533Hook in new servers/limit event sent when license limit is exceededThis event replaces an error on servers/add, which instead sends max_disks and license_count if the license is executed, but not error. Any time a check fails the servers/limit event is sent as well, for asynchronous occurrences.Targeted 2.3.2
TC 2.3.0TC-2528Cannot enable team alert creationEnabling team alert creation on new teams does not stick as the only way to submit is to update the name, which resets the checkbox after the team object is reloaded.Unknonwn
TC 2.3.0TC-2524Notices WebSocket test results are unstableMost tests pass but some are failing but never on the same test. Possible middleware issue.Targeted 2.3.2
TC 2.3.0TC-2508Teams, systems and groups missing in User after migration from 2.2.2 to 2.3.0After migrating from 2.2.2. to 2.3.0, users no longer had Teams, Systems or system Groups assigned. The Teams are and system groups are listed in the Systems/System Groups and Teams areas but no longer assigned under the User.Fixed in 2.3.0
TC 2.2.2TC-2339Dashboard System card values for SCALE 22.12 do not populate.The TrueCommand Dashboard System card values for SCALE 22.12 Bluefin are missing.Fixed in 2.2.3

To Download this Release

Login to the TrueCommand Account Portal for downloads, documentation links, and licensing options. For storage clusters with more than 50 disks, the account portal also offers a free 60-day trial license with unlimited disks.

Minimum Supported TrueNAS Versions

Due to the changes in integrating with the TrueNAS middleware, the minimum version for full-support of functionality has changed with TrueCommand 2.1:

  • FreeNAS/TrueNAS 11.3 series - No longer supported. Does not provide realtime statistics or storage information, but you can still connect to them and use TrueCommand to initiate updates.
  • TrueNAS 12 CORE/Enterprise - Supported after 12.0-U3. 12.0-U2.1 and older are missing some key metrics in the realtime stats (disk/network usage metrics in particular), but work otherwise.
  • TrueNAS SCALE 21.03+ - Fully Supported (SCALE-20.12+ is supported excluding cluster functionality)

To Update to this Release

Prior To Updating

As a best practice, TrueCommand admins should backup their instance’s data directory before deploying TrueCommand updates. If issues arise after updating, admins can simply pull the previous TC docker image and redeploy with their previous data directory.

Important Note for Upgrading from v1.3

Updating from TrueCommand v1.3 to v2.0 or higher involves a database migration process. This preserves all configuration data, but does not preserve old performance statistics. Additionally, it is not possible to roll back to TrueCommand v1.3 from v2.1. Please use caution when upgrading production TrueCommand systems. If necessary, run TrueCommand 1.3 and TrueCommand 2.1 in parallel for a transition period. Simply use the “ixsystems/truecommand:1.3.2” docker image to continue using that specific version of TrueCommand.

Docker: Re-run docker pull ixsystems/truecommand to fetch the latest version of TrueCommand, and then restart your docker instance.

VM Image: Either reboot the VM or run systemctl restart truecommand.service. This will automatically fetch and start the latest Docker image of TrueCommand within your VM.

Have more questions or want to discuss your specific configuration? For further discussion or assistance, see these resources:

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