Strange issues with Nextcloud HELP !!!!

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Jan 29, 2018
Hi everyone I have a very strange problem in Nextcloud as I am trying to download

System Information
FreeNAS 11.1 U5
Nextcloud 13.0.2
PHP version 7.0.30
Storage: SMB

The problem is as I try to download through my domain (outside the network) then the download gets stuck sometimes immediately, sometimes after a few seconds (it changes every time).
But as I try to download through the IP addresses of the local network everything downloads without a problem everything works fine.

So they told me (people here on the forum) that it was the ISP that blocked it (even though I spoke to them and they said they were not blocking anything, I do not know if to believe them)
For testing I opened up an FTP server through a Windows computer and connected outside the network and it was downloaded without any problems at all

I've never found anything like the problem I have anywhere on the Internet

I have also tried to download local storage in Nextcloud there is no difference in the same problem

As I try to download through my domain within the network download does not get stuck immediately it is much more stable than outside the network but most often it gets stuck and fails

Correct me if I'm wrong
There is a situation where FTP worked without problems because it was just files without all load in the background and it did not even compare correctly to Nextcloud, because Nextcloud loads much more background stuff during download?

I had this problem in the Owncloud plug-in but I turned to Owncloud Forum they told me it's because I'm missing PHP files so that's why I moved on to Nextcloud
So you think it's the ISP all the time despite what I mentioned above?

Someone here has a way of thinking about a solution or checking out the problem because I'm desperate and already this problem haunts me!

Thanks to everyone who will help and will also try to help. Appreciate every attempt !!!
And special thanks to @gt2416 for all the help attempts and for all the help he gave me on this subject


Aug 19, 2017
Just because it works on 21 doesn’t mean you can host port 80/443. Sins it’s working locally, I wonder how you set it up. If you use your domain or not. But instead of me asking a bunch of questions and reading the manual, have you tried asking the Nextcloud guys over at


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Feb 15, 2014
Yeah, please stick to a single thread.
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