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Rescan USB drive volume

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Dec 10, 2011
FreeNAS Build: FreeNAS-8.0.2-RELEASE-amd64 (8288)

I am running FreeNAS from a USB stick, have two sata drives and a external USB drive formatted as ZFS. I am unable to boot the machine with the external USB drive plugged in (The machine hangs in post). I have set the BIOs boot order to use the USB stick to boot from.

So I have to plug in the USB drive after boot, and this is causing me issues. I get a yellow alert light saying "warning the volume *** (ZFS) status is", and if I view all volumes it shows up but for status it shows None (error) for Used, and Error getting available space / Total space. As this box is on a ups it is rare it gets rebooted but when it does I have a rough time getting it back online.

I have been exporting then auto importing the volume

What would be the proper way to get this drive back online?
Not open for further replies.