Question about virtualbox VMs/Jails

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Evan Richardson

Dec 11, 2015
I currently run a seperate ESXi server that consists of an 8-core avoton (Atom) board and 32GB of ram, in a diskless 1u, with VM storage mounted over ISCSI and NFS from a FreeNAS box over 10G SFP+ connection. This arrangement works great, except when I need to perform FreeNAS updates. I have to pause all my VM's, make sure they're in a good state, then reboot FreeNAS. I would like to migrate over to virtualbox VMs On the FREENAS server, but had a question regarding how people are deploying vms.

Is the recommended way to run VirtualBox to deploy one VB jail per VM, or are you guys deploying one VB Vm, then spinning your VM's up inside that (so 1 VB jail for all your VB Vms)? I know for things such as plugins (syncthing, owncloud, and plexmediaserver), they run in their own jails, but I'm not sure about virtualbox.

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