1. Vincent Saelzler

    iSCSI Performance: Par for the Course?

    I am wondering whether IO the performance I am experiencing in iSCSI-backed VMs is expected for my hardware. I know the 5400 RPM drives are going to slow things down, but I still feel it might be slower than it should be. I've just started up a two test VMs to see how things work. I anticipate...
  2. T

    Neuling - Backup - Optionen um Daten + VMs + Plugins zu sichern - GELÖST

    Hallo! In meinem ersten Thread direkt eine bitte um Hilfe.. Ich hoffe das ist okay.. Nach viel Recherche und Rückschlägen läuft nun mein FreeNAS-System wie gewünscht. Da Ich aktuell kein Geld für ein 2. FreeNAS habe, bleibt mir erstmal nur, das System anders zu sichern. Daher will ich mit den...
  3. F

    Reload VM from reinstall of FreeNas 11

    Hello, I have been using FreeNas for a 1 1/2 years now and had upgraded to version 11.0 some time ago. I recently had a problem with usb boot drives that forced me to reinstall FreeNas 11 again, so I'm now running the latest 11.2. Upon doing so I've been trying to re-setup my VM's, but have...
  4. A

    VM slows down over time, then mysteriously work with repackaged zvol.

    I have a 28TB FreeNAS 11.2 with 64GB RAM, a 256GB L2ARC and a 16-core processor. I am running FreePBX (based on CentOS) on a VM with 4GB RAM and 4 cores. I'm also running a few other VMs. I've noticed that all my VMs get slower and slower as time goes on. It gets to the point that it takes 20...
  5. P

    11.2-BETA Plugin Uncertainties

    Hello I was eager to try out 11.2 betas but was a bit miffed by Sonarr being broken in BETA2 and TTRSS not working in BETA3. I have a whole bunch of random questions regarding plugins and permissions. In 11.1 I ran everything in jails and skipped the built-in extensions. Should I create...
  6. T

    add custom option to startup command

    As the title says, is there any possibility to add a custom option to the startup command that FreeNAS creates for the VMs. I specifically want to passthrough a pcie tv tuner to a linux VM using -s 7:0:0,passthru,3/0/0
  7. ryanhunt

    VMs will never work on HP N54L machines

    Hi everyone, I've been waiting and hoping to get bhyve support for my trusty N54L machine since I was first testing Corral. I've managed to get Linux VMs to boot, but never managed to get a Windows machine to boot in bhyve via FreeNAS. I checked today the updated docs for FreeNAS 11.0-U3 and...
  8. Willy666

    VMs con Win Server 2016 si blocca !!!!

    ho fatto questa macchina virtuale su freenas 11 rc 4 gli ho dato 4 gb di ram 2 cpu virtualizzate installo win server 2016 desktot edition funziona tutto ma dopo un po si blocca a volte minuti a volte ore perchè?
  9. S

    What CPUs to get full VM in FreeNAS 11

    Hi ALL, I have read quite a few threads on which CPU's will not work, but I still can not find a definitive list or where it is. I am using a Intel S5520HC Server Motherboard LGA1366, Intel 5520 Chipset motherboard and twin Xeon W5590 @3.33Ghz. In order to use the full VM potential would these...
  10. A

    VNC Viewer screen too small

    Hi Guys, I'm new to FreeNAS and linux systems, i have built a High performance home server and installed FN11 RC4 with the new VM feature. i would like to start my journey and learn the basics of linux's systems including Servers, Shell, Vi-Vim VMs etc. to do that i have decided the best way is...
  11. T

    FreeNAS 11-0-RC3 VM start says running then stopped not able to VNC to it

    Please note that I see posts that say FreeNAS 11 doesn't support VMs and/or VNC and I see ones that say it does and people have it working fine. At this point since it is in the Web UI - I am assuming it is intended to work. If that is incorrect please let me know. I am just about at the point...
  12. T

    Physikalisches Laufwerk in VM/Docker

    Hallo Miteinander, durch das Update auf FreeNas 10 hat sich ja so einiges geändert. Ist es inzwischen möglich das Physikalisches Blueray Laufwerk in die virtuelle Umgebung einzubinden?(Hat mit Jail/VBox lieder nie geklappt.) Konkret will ich mein BlueRay einlegen und dann mit MakeMKV...
  13. N

    Jails von FreeNAS 9.10 auf 10 => Migration, Tipps

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe schon einige Monate immer wieder Nightlies in VMs von FreeNAS getestet und war (und bin) immer noch über die Verbesserungen erstaunt. Ich würde gerne nun umsteigen und ein Upgrade fahren. Leider habe ich an die 8 Jails, von welchen 2 die Konfiguration extrem...
  14. T

    CPU For Multitask NAS

    Goodmorning everyone, After many hours spent researching the right components i couldn't find info regarding the requirements needed to run at the same time: -Plex -OpenVPN -Torrentbox -Resilio Sync -Backup -Ubuntu/Homebridge The main use for the server will be running plex media server, i...
  15. T

    CPU per Multitask NAS

    Buongiorno a tutti, dopo molte ricerche non riesco a trovare una configurazione adatta alle mie esigenze. Mi rivolgo quindi a voi nella speranza che mi possiate aiutare a scegliere le componenti più adatte per far girare: -Plex -OpenVPN -Torrentbox -Resilio Sync -Backup -Ubuntu/Homebridge La...
  16. Evan Richardson

    Question about virtualbox VMs/Jails

    I currently run a seperate ESXi server that consists of an 8-core avoton (Atom) board and 32GB of ram, in a diskless 1u, with VM storage mounted over ISCSI and NFS from a FreeNAS box over 10G SFP+ connection. This arrangement works great, except when I need to perform FreeNAS updates. I have...