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Poor performace transfers start at 1Gbps after 5 minutes run at 100Mbps

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Oct 24, 2018
Hello everyone I am fairly new to freenas but I have a solid understanding of networking/servers. I am trying to use freenas as a backup storage for VM images. I have been testing this for a few days now and can't get any solid results/performance. When I start a transfer to freenas of a VM image the transfer starts out at 1Gbps. It runs great for about 5 minutes then drops to 100Mbps. For testing purposes I installed Windows Server 2012R2 and ran storage spaces on the freenas box. I did this to test the hardware capabilities and make sure there were no bottle necks. This works perfect and runs at 2Gbps all day, but I don't want to use windows server because it cost and freenas is well FREE. I have tried every config I can think of ZFS Raidz/Raidz2/Raidz3/mirror/stripe. I have also setup ssd caching. I don't know what I am doing wrong or if this hardware just can't run freenas. Below are my system specs.

Chassis - Dell FS12 12 bay with a single SFF-8484 backplane
Processor - Dual Xeon L5410 2.33Ghz 4 cores per CPU
Ram - 48GB ECC DDR2
HBA - LSI 9211 IT mode with a single SFF-8087 to SFF-8484
HDD - 6 x 2TB Dell enterprise
SSD - 2 x PCIe 120GB
Network - Dual 1Gbps

Thank you for your help!


Did you find the culprit? If not, which NIC card (as in, what is the driver name in ifconfig[/CMD?
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