slow performance

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    FreeNAS 11.2 Win 10 VM slow performance and near 100% CPU usage

    Hi All I am running: FreeNAS-11.2-U4.1 E3-1230 V2 (4 core 8 thread) 2 x 8GB DDR3 ECC RAM PCIe SSD for VM zvol VM: Win 10 2vCPU 4GB RAM Fresh install of Win 10 (latest build, ISO created with Windows media creation tool) Saw that there were issues with e1000 LAN adapter, so switched to VirtIO...
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    transfer speed drops lots after a while

    hey freeNAS community, i'm pretty new to all this and started this journey to learn, so please guide me to the correct pages to learn or help me, what i have: motherboard: msi X79A-GD45 PLUS cpu: I7-3820 @ 3.60 GHz ram: 24 GB GPU: amd HD 7950 HDD: seagate momentus 5400.6 500GB (laptop...
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    Very Slow Bhyve VM's on Freenas 11.2 U4.1

    Hi Everyone I recently decided to switch from hosting Plex in a VM on ESXi 6.5 to bare metal so I can try to eliminate a virtualization layer. Also, I have read that a virtualized Freenas is never a good idea-- though I ran it quite well for 3+ years and never lost any data. Either way, I...
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    Upgrade to 11.2 Causing Huge Problems

    I decided to do an upgrade to FREENAS 11.2 RELEASE U1 from 11.1. And I've had nothing but troubles since. Let me preface this by saying I am not a LINUX or FREEBSD guru by any stretch of the imagination. I know just enough to be dangerous and build my system. I'm running an older, but...
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    Poor performace transfers start at 1Gbps after 5 minutes run at 100Mbps

    Hello everyone I am fairly new to freenas but I have a solid understanding of networking/servers. I am trying to use freenas as a backup storage for VM images. I have been testing this for a few days now and can't get any solid results/performance. When I start a transfer to freenas of a VM...
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    SOLVED Slow Performance (50Mbps wifi, 2-4Mbps wired)

    Hi all, I have been reading the forums and trying what I could do to find the problem but to no avail. I need some help please. When I transfer files, I get about 30-50 megabit per second read/write. For example, it took 12 mins to transfer one 2GB file to the NAS in a test. It took about...