Plex lost access to a dataset.


Aug 9, 2017
I have a dataset named Backups, in the single pool I have set up on my server. It's using Windows ACL, shared as an SMB share (as are all of my shares) and is primarily used to store backups of data from Windows machines. I've had these shares set up for about a year with no problems, but in the last week or so I've noticed that my Plex server (running in a jail, though not installed using the plugin) seems to have lost access to this one share despite still having access to others. Can anyone please advise?

Plex has access to a single folder in this dataset, which is mounted in the jail as /mnt/volume_1/iocage/jails/plex/root/media/Sarah_Photos and then set as the only folder in a Plex photo library. All of the pictures in the folder and it's subfolders have been accessible in the past (Plex has been able to generate thumbnails for them) but are not accessible at the moment (I can't view the pictures themselves, nor can I convince Plex to scan the folders again: it tries for about a second, then gives up). I have full read/write/delete access to the folders and their files from Windows, but none of the new folders/files I add to the share are visible to Plex (it won't even show me that the new folders exist, let alone what their contents are.

The dataset's owner is set to root, it's group set to shares, and the shares group contains the plex ID, so as far as I know, Plex should be able to access the folder and its subfolders, just like it always used to. I've tried recursively reapplying permissions to the share, which I frequently have to do to my main Media share in order for Windows and/or Plex to properly access the contents, but it doesn't seem to have helped.

I considered changing the permssions to Unix mode, which would match that on all the other datasets, but the warning message about changing permissions is putting me off. Would it be worth trying that anyway? If not, then what others things can I try? I could set the owner and group to plex (the group already contains the other user IDs that need access to the Backups folder) but I suspect that if the permissions were all working correctly, changing the group wouldn't make any difference, so I doubt that it will solve the problem here.

Thanks in advance.
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