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Offsite backup using Syncthing

Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE


Oct 20, 2020
I use FreeNAS as a small office (less than a dozen users, Windows) file server and I am extremely happy. I would like to do an offsite backup to my home computer off all the data on FreeNAS, and I thought Syncthing would be a great tool for that.
I have set up Syncthing in a jail (thanks Youtube and LawrenceSystems) and I can sync a dedicated dataset no problem. What would be the best way to mount all the other datasets (ACL) for syncing? Read-only would actually be sufficient, since it would be a one-way sync (from FreeNAS to home drive). Should I just mount the datasets to the Snycthing dedicated dataset as "ro" and I'm good to go? What permissions would be needed to do that?
If not Syncthing, and other/better options?
I am not an expert, so some code snippets - if necessary - would be helpful, if anyone has insight. Thanks