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Jun 4, 2011
I have been running FN7 for quite a bit and I am currently building a new FN8 server (doing this as I type) but need some advice on what to do, here are the setups:

Running 2-1tb drives and 1-2tb drive in JBOD.

I have 4 new Samsung 2tb drives and I want to run ZFS. If I understand correctly 4-2tb drives in RAID-Z2 will only yield 4tb but in RAID-Z I will get 6tb, am I assuming correctly? I can add another 2tb drive but I have data on it (from the FN7 system) and I was going to import it so I can copy the data to the new RAID so I don't lose it. Any thoughts or suggestions so I can protect my data and yet still use the 5th 2tb drive so I can get 6tb or whatever it is for RAID-Z2?


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May 28, 2011
You understand the capacity with the drives just fine.

I can't help you on your second question but let me make sure I have this correct:
1) You will have created a RAIDZ2 using four 2TB drives. I see no problem there.
2) You will copy your old data from another hard drive to your RAIDZ2. Again, no problem.
3) You desire to add the extra 2TB (fifth) hard drive to your current RAIDZ2 in order to increase it's capacity. I don't know that answer but I'm sure someone will post what you need to do if it's possible.

Looking forward to seeing an answer on this one as I'm curious myself. With any luck, it being a RAIDZ2 at the beginning will make this possible.


May 29, 2011
When you remove your 2tb drive from the JBOD you will lose all data stored on the JBOD. The easiest way for you to progress would be to see if you could borrow a 2TB disk for a few days. Build the zfs raid (Z1 or Z2) witht he borrowed disk. COpy needed data from the FreeNAS 7 JBOD. Break the JBOD to get your 2TB disk. Wipe the 2TB disk then replace the borrowed disk in the new ZFS raid with you now spare 2TB disk.

Learn the lesson about using non redundant arrays.
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