Local HTTPS and getting rid of browser warnings


Feb 22, 2024
Hello. I build the setup for the client with TrueNAS Scale installation on Dell R730xd. I have a few applications running, mostly custom apps. My problem is the client users are always pushed to accept "all the risks" browser warnings while accessing the web GUI, because of non-present SSL/HTTPS connection. The internet is full of Traefik, Caddy, NPM, and other reverse proxy solutions. Or the thing with Cloudflare, ACME, etc. But I managed that only applies to the remote access behind the internet. I am also using custom subdomains for the apps, followed by the client-owned domain (provided by webhosting). The DNS subdomains are provided by Mikrotik router.

The "issue" with this is the following. All my apps run on the local network only. The apps are:
  • Homepage
  • File Browser
  • DRP Server (Custom App)
  • UniFi Controller
  • VaultWarden
These run mostly on HTTP only. What are the solutions for this?

Thank you in advance!