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Identifying failed disk

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Jun 15, 2012
On FreeNAS when a disk fails it's pretty hard to tell which disk is the culprit, especially on large storage arrays where you have many disks.

In the FreeNAS web interface I can only see the gptid of the failed disk. If I click on the volume and then View Disks the failed disk no longer shows its serial. If the NAS is rebooted then the disk disappears entirely from the list of disks and only the gptid is available to allow the user to somehow piece together which drive died.

Basically best I can tell there's no way in the UI to identify or view the serial number or model of the failed drive once it's dropped out the array.

It would be great if FreeNAS could store the disk serial and model so that if the disk falls out of the array, it persists that info and allows the end user to determine which drive has failed more easily.


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Not open for further replies.