I am so sick of permission errors

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Oct 12, 2015
Just setup a new FreeNAS box and can't write to it. I have no need whatsoever for any kind of security on this box and would like to turn it off entirely but I suspect this isn't possible. So how TH do I enable writing to this box? I've read thru all the gibberish and it's waaaaay more envolved and cryptic than what I need.

Of what freaking use is a NAS device if you can't write to it?

If there is no simple way to enable writing could someone suggest a FreeNAS alternative that's a bit more user friendly?

Apr 9, 2015
chmod -R 777 would allow writing to everything. Just be careful to only use it on the area that you NEED to write to. Do it in the wrong spot and you can mess up the system. So this would be something like:

chmod -R 777 /mnt/tank

Then just set your smb as "nobody" user and "nogroup" group.

It does allow ANYONE with network access to read and write so you really should try and set things up correctly. But the choice is yours, you are therefore warned and anything that comes of it is your mistake.

Jeff Armstrong

Nov 12, 2015
It is clearly documented in the manual -- albiet, you gotta dig around for it :) .... or see Nightshade's info just above :)

Create a new SMB share but ensure the Allow Guest check box is ticked. Next, set the owner to "nobody" which is a predefined user in FreeNAS (actually in FreeBSD which FreeNAS is based on).

Here is the relevant entry in the manual:


  1. Share name: enter a name for the share that is useful to you. In this example, the share is named smb_insecure.
  2. Click the button for Windows (SMB) and check the box for Allow Guest.
  3. Click the Ownership button. Click the drop-down User menu and select nobody. Click the Return button to return to the previous screen.
  4. Click the Add button. If you forget to do this, the share will not be created. Clicking the Add button adds an entry to the Name frame with the name that was entered in Share name.
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