how to set up / Install Plex as Media Server


Nov 12, 2019
Hey guys,

i have some understanding problems with the Plex App!

I have the following plan.

I want to make my personal photos and videos (my family) available to the connected devices (Android / Windows and Samsung Smart TV) via my network.
SMB is set up.
I have access to the folders and files under Windows.
The server is an HPE Microserver.
TrueNA's Scale 23.10.

When I install and start the Plex app from the Appstore and try to access my media, I am told that I need to install the Plex server.

When I look at various DYI projects and instructions, I have strong deviations from what I find in my system.

I have already tried two different versions (2.0.2 and 1.7.3) without success.

Where is my mistake?

Thanks and greetings