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BUILD Hardware FreeNAS first build

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Nov 29, 2015
I've now completed my build, burn-in (only 2 days of burn-in), and installation of a Jail with Plex and all my preferred media management tools from my previous system.
I am pleased with the build, its much much quieter than my vSphere server. It's smoking fast too though that's expected.

My worst time was scrubbing rust off of my *BSD skills. I came up in the industry as a Solaris Administrator so it wasn't too hard but I've spent the last 10 years more involved with Linux.
Now I just do architectural work so I guess I'm on my way to a lobotomy. :)

I found the following quirks to work through.
1. Plex doesn't seem to be able to use GDM for broadcasting services. (Still looking into that one).
2. Plex spewed some errors. After dumping the DB and restoring it, removing the PubSub entries from Preferences and letting it re-discover the Plex cloud its fine.
3. NZBGet startup has a limited environment path which is normal good security but when it wants to call post-processing scripts things will barf. Fixed paths.
4. SickRage just blew a gasket and since my install was ancient I just rebuilt it and its working fine now.
5. CIFS and Dataset permission handling drove me nuts for a while. I eventually got it all setup and working permissions.

I am very happy with the community here. I tend to see an issue and then search before trying to diagnose it first. Searching here won me a lot of help and answers.
Now I can just hope that this build will eventually convert to FreeNAS 10 stable whenever that comes along.
Not open for further replies.