GRUB error after update

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Aug 8, 2016
My FreeNAS setup is running for a little more than one month now, but I ran into this issue twice with the update from 9.3 (i think) to 9.10 and 9.10.1.
When freenas bugs me about an available update and I apply it through the web console, my system won't boot afterwards and fails with the following error:

Welcome to GRUB!
error: no such device: <some 16 digit hash>
Entering rescue mode...
grub rescue>

I couldn't figure out how to repair grub in rescue mode yet. So reinstalling freenas from an usb stick is the only option. And when I install the update from said usb stick, my system boots fine. This only occurs when I trigger the update from the web console.

So my question is, why does this happen and what can i do to fix it?
I'm already afraid of keeping my system up to date, since this happened for both of the available updates I had so far and I don't like the prospect of reinstalling freenas for every update.

This is what my setup looks like:
  • Gigabyte GA-H170N-WIFI
  • Intel Pentium G4400
  • 32 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 6x 2 TB WD Red WD20EFRX
  • 2x 16 GB SanDisk Cruzer Fit Ultra USB Stick
  • Using onboard Lan and Hard Disk Controller
The HDDs are configured in a raidz2
The USB Sticks are configured as Boot Media in Raid1
I'm running a CIFS Share and a PlexMediaServer Jail


To clarify, you were trying to update to FreeNAS-9.10.1 (d989edd) and the USB sticks are mirrored?

There were some changes in the GRUB loader for this update. If the next update (in a few weeks) also gives a GRUB error, please create a bug report at and post the issue number here.


Apr 5, 2014
I also have this problem now on two FreeNAS servers which I updated today... Very good update mechanism... I will try what is suggested in this thread and see if it will work again:

Edit: Upgrading with the ISO indeed worked. I think it's not pretty that these issues arise when FreeNAS updates itself. Would updating FreeNAS with the ISO's from now on be better to not have these kind of issues?
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