BUILD First Build! Micro-ATX with 8+ Drives. Advice Appreciated!

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Jan 28, 2015
Hi there sorry to hear about the hard disks in your Windows 7 workstations dying.

I'm building a NAS right now for similar purposes (photography) and am curious if you have had a chance to try it out for editing yet and have any observations about speed?

I'm running Lightroom and PS CC. I've replaced a RAID 10 array on my workstation with a Crucial SSD for the OS and Apps and a pair of Samsung EVO Pro SSDs in a RAID0 for the scratch/thumbnails. As I'm still burning in the NAS I'm running with my images on a 3TB Seagate enterprise disk in a USB3 enclosure which is backed up to my old Synology NAS with a single 6TB WD red in it for now until I can cough up enough $ for a second.

The image editing and ingestion of RAW files is very peppy over the old setup but I'm wondering how much of a hit I'll take in PS or in the develop module in LR?
Not open for further replies.