CIFS / Creating passworded folders ??

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Dec 2, 2011
I'm running FreeNAS 8.02 in an x64 architecture and I'm having a tough time wrapping my head around how to properly set permissions so that I can provide a public share for the entire family along with password protected shares they can access from any computer or laptop on my LAN.

The entire infrastructure is homogeneous (Windows 7 64 bit PRO or Ultimate), and my current authentication model is set to anonymous as opposed to local user. I'm running a single volume based off a 320 GB hard drive that's running ZFS and using Datasets to differentiate amongst the various users. I'm using Windows ACLs, in case that makes a difference.

Creating the public share was a piece of cake, I changed the permissions on the volume to 777 for and forced the guest account on the share. Creating the user specific shares has been much more difficult... I create a dataset for the user, and set the permissions to BOB (user) and FAMILY (group) and I also disable the guest. Do I need to enable inherit permissions on the family member specific shares, or am I doing something wrong?

Every time I attempt to connect, it gives me the "cannot connect with the same user". I've tried the NET USE // delete command line, but it never fixed the problem... If anyone has insight on (cause of problem and solution), I'd love to hear about it!
Not open for further replies.