Changing dataset owner from root to www?


Aug 9, 2018
Long story short, I just installed nextcloud within a jail and it's been great. I have a test dataset and I found that I needed to set the owner to the www user in order to have write permissions within the jail. Otherwise nextcloud can read data but says it cannot create folders or upload files. This was to be expected as the default user for nextcloud is www. I'd like to access my primary datasets from nextcloud as well, and the owner user is the default of root (the owner group is called homeusers and contains the users that access the network shares). I don't want to break anything here, so will changing the owner user of a dataset from root to www break anything? The other solution would be to change the user used by nextcloud from www to a different user that I could add to my homeusers group. Or I could change the user that nextcloud uses but that could cause problems too.

I'm extremely paranoid here since I'm pretty sure I'm safe but I don't want to break the server that I rely on. :P