1. A

    Rsync tasks 'operation not permitted' - how can root be refused anything ?

    The question can seem naive, because it is... ;) I have 2 FreeNAS, NAS-A, and NAS-B which replicates everything everynight from NAS-A. It uses rsync tasks on NAS-B, with the 'root' user. As passwords are the same (or is it because I have setup ssh with RSA via cli ?), it runs without user...
  2. T

    Changing dataset owner from root to www?

    Long story short, I just installed nextcloud within a jail and it's been great. I have a test dataset and I found that I needed to set the owner to the www user in order to have write permissions within the jail. Otherwise nextcloud can read data but says it cannot create folders or upload...
  3. VladTepes

    SOLVED Can't login to root despite correct password

    I absolutely KNOW the password, and have checked my memory from a written record. But the webgui won't let me log in using that password at all. It doesn't chuck ANY error message at all. It just refreshes that page so I am again presented with a blank username/password box to complete. Now...
  4. A

    SSH only working with root

    Hi, So I just set up 11.0 U4 and I'm trying to get SSH to work for my users. So far only root can SSH using keys, for users I get the following error from putty: "Disconnected: no supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey). Using the same key with root is no problem at...
  5. D

    access jail via ssh

    I googled around and tried some things, so far: I started ssh with the jail shell with: service sshd onestart only because I have no idea how to access /etc/rc.conf. nano isn't installed etc. however. When i try to ssh into my jail, lets say: ssh: root@ I get asked for the root...
  6. J

    Putty does not accept root password

    Hi All. Glad to be part of your community. I am very new to all of this (2nd day in fact) and i am trying to configure jails and set up a FAMP. When i open session in putty im met with a login screen however when i enter root and then password it says access denied. I can login in ok with a...