Boot Volume Condition: DEGRADED One or more devices has experienced an error IN SITU REPAIR?

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Apr 6, 2018
Afternoon all,

Crisis stations! Apologies if this has been asked elsewhere - I had a quick look at couldn't see the exact issue I'm having.

In brief I’ve been an idiot and not prepared for this scenario (let’s get that out the way now – 100% Mea Culpa)

I've logged into my FreeNAS box and found that the boot volume is degraded. I have no mirrored or backup of this boot volume.

Is there a way that I can recover from what I imagine is a disaster in waiting? i.e. I reboot and the FreeNAS box never comes back up again :/

What I'd like to know is can I:

1) attach a new USB stick to the live running system
2) backup the config & recreate an identical working copy of the degraded USB drive’s config (with ALL drives/shares/settings preserved)
3) remove the defective USB device and replace it with the now functional one
4) pretend that this never happened / learn from the experience and share my happy outcome with others

MUCH appreciated :)

Mr BitRot.


Mar 30, 2014
Why are you nervous about rebooting the box? Do you have some sort of a complicated nonstandard setup?

If you follow the advice above, no data will be at risk. While you are at it, you might consider replacing the the USB stick with a small SSD as a boot drive. It will be more reliable.
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