Backup with a core behind tailscale?


Oct 18, 2017
I have a truenas scale system in a different state running the tailscale app. I can ping from the scale box to the tailscale node running on my PFsense at my house. At my house i have a long lived CORE box i want to start backing up offsite. I have narrowed down the communication problem being from the tailnet on PFS to my core box.

weird thing is, i have a windows box on the same lan as the scale box and can ping the internal ip of the core box.

I have been working on trying to figure this out for a couple days now. I watched all the rsync and zfs replication videos from Lawrence system on the setup. i have even tried using setting on PFS from

Has anyone set something like this up?

and BTW im using truecharts tailscale setup.