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wd red

  1. JoshDW19

    WD Red SMR Drive Compatibility with ZFS

    Thanks to the FreeNAS community, we have uncovered a potential ZFS compatibility issue with some capacities of newer WD Red drives that use SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) technology. Update to this post...
  2. ViktorLi

    X10SL7-F mobo with WD Red 4TB drives

    Hello, I am in a stage of building my first server for home use purpouses: Mobo: X10SL7-F Chip: E3-1231 V3 RAM: 2 x Crucial 8gb CT102472BD160B HDs: 4x WD RED 4TB 3.5 (connected to SAS) / 1x SATA DOM SSD-DM032-SMCMVN1 (connected to SATA 3), 2x Kingston SSD-SA400S37 / 120G (one to the SATA 3...
  3. karl_azytzeen

    First NAS build, from the scratch. Any advise is welcome.

    Hi people, let me sum up: I want to build a centralized storage for my house. I found that Freenas is the right way to go, so here I am. My net landscape: ISP-> FTTH 100/50 Mb With rebranded FRITZ!Box 3390 under the layer of ISP management. Devices Connected to the net. 2 x Windows Desktop (1...
  4. Bhoot

    Planned upgrade

    So My FreeNAS system is 3+ years old. Populated with 8x4tb WD reds + 1 cold spare, it is falling short, in terms of storage. Pool is currently at 75% and I know I don’t have to cross 80%. I’m planning to bite the bullet and go for WD reds either 8tb or 10tb non pro. The prices are still...
  5. W

    Dont know what my HDD doing

    ada1/2 wd red hdd ada0 System SSD Standby after 30 min Energylevel 128 Smart every 1440 Smart Check interval: 1440 no cronjob no device which connects to the nas Short SelfTest every 3 days Long Selt-test 8,22 every Month Scrub Every Month I dont know what the Hdds are doing? Are they anyway...
  6. W

    Was machen die Platten?

    Hallo, hab mir nun ein Freenas gebaut. System läuft auf einer ssd und angeschlossen sind 2 red wd Platten. Die Festplatten gehen nach 30 min in den Standby und Erweiterte Energieverteilung ist auf 128 gesetzt. Hab Mirror als Raid. Nun war ich außerhaus (wm gucken :( ) und nun wollte ich mir...
  7. silversword

    Anyone with experience with WD 8TB WD80EMZZ drives?

    I was trying to shuck some WD Red's out of the EasyStore 8TB Externals, ended up getting a white labeled drive Model: WD80EMZZ-00TBGA0 128MB Cache PN: 2W10101 RM: US7SAJ800 Are these the OEM WD Red's, or another variant? Anyone with any experience with them? Thx!
  8. MrToddsFriends

    WD Red: Firmware modifications without change in version number

    In my FreeNAS system I have four WD Red 3TB drives from different years. All of them show identical Firmware Version strings but the newest of them shows a different behavior regarding logs supported. I'm on FreeNAS-11.1-U4 and I am using smartctl 6.6 2017-11-05 r4594 [FreeBSD 11.1-STABLE...
  9. Adam Tyler

    Shouldn't this run faster?

    Hello everyone! I am troubleshooting a FreeNAS performance issue and was hoping someone out there could provide insight. First, here is my single zPool setup: pool: zPool01 state: ONLINE scan: none requested config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM zPool01 ONLINE...
  10. J

    FreeNAS at last! (Plex, file share, PC back-ups)

    Greetings, As my Home Server 2011 based build has filled up and hit EOL, I started looking for the next platform to build around. Freenas was the clear choice and much searching online. After a couple months of reading these forums and checking various supermicro servers/motherboards, I think...
  11. Bhoot

    (un)Planned upgrade

    EPILOGUE A bit of the background. My SYSTEM SPECS are available in my signature. It’s been nearly 3 years from original build and about 10-12 months from my last upgrade/addition of the noctua fans. Obviously the digital media is growing at an exponential rate and my family now uses my FreeNAS...
  12. itsryan

    Harddrive questions, RPM and WD vs Seagate

    This should be a simple question that i'm assuming the answer, I would just like to make sure before I pull the trigger. I currently have 6 2TB WD RED drives in my NAS over the next few months I will be buying replacement drives to expand the storage. I'm looking to get 6 10TB drives. 1. Since...
  13. FreeNAS4Ever

    Recommendation - Two 3-Drive (Raid-Z1) or One 6-Drive (Raid-Z2)

    Hello, I'm building my first NAS and will be running FreeNAS 11. This will be a relatively small build for home use. My plan is to use six WD Red 2TB drives. I had originally thought to build my array with all six drives and use Raid-Z2. My concern with this plan is if I decide to expand...
  14. D

    Reading SMARTCTL report

    Hey everyone! I'm running FreeNAS 9.10.2-U4 and my setup includes 3 4TB WD Red Edition (NAS version @5400rpm). Today I got the following email and a critical error: CRITICAL: Aug. 1, 2017, 8:09 p.m. - Device: /dev/ada1, Self-Test Log error count increased from 0 to 1 It seems that one of the...
  15. H

    Modest Plex Build - 4x6TB

    Hello All, Long time lurker, first time poster. Looking to get some feedback on my build. Have already done my own desktop gaming build, but am intimidated by the world of server-grade hardware. I have a current selection of parts, but I am open to suggestions. What will I be using this for...