volume import

  1. G

    Migration and volume import issue 11.1-U6

    I've been running 11.1 on a loud 1U unit so I wanted to change over to something a little bigger and quieter. I recently picked up a different server to set up as my freenas and after installing 11.1-U6 and putting in the drives I can't find my old volumes in the system. This seems like a...
  2. O

    Auto Import volume on FreeNAS 11.1

    Hello All, I'm a newbie here. in my office I have freenas 9.2.0 which will be upgrade to FreeNas 11.1, I've install the Freenas 11.1 Version but when I see the storage menu, I couldn't found auto import menu and when I detach the disk then I import again to storage the disk volume is empty, I...
  3. R

    Problem adding back volume after reinstalling FreeNAS

    Build FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201509022158 I'm having an issue re-importing my volumes after reinstalling FreeNAS on a new flash drive. I tried using "Import Volume" through the Web GUI and no volumes were recognized. The volume I'm trying to import is labeled "CYAS". I ran the following commands...
  4. N

    Volume Status Unknown / Won't Import

    I was copying data to a SAMBA share on my FreeNAS server. The server locked up and would not respond. I reboot it and upon the reboot discovered that the volume status is unknown and will not import. I am not certain what this means or what to do to recover from this. I have tried a couple of...
  5. L6Fd77i6E

    After Upgrade from 9.3 to 9.10 missing DataSet Volume

    I was able to fix this by importing the Volume, but I'm just wondering if this is something that happens sometimes.
  6. J

    Help with volume import

    Been running on Corral with no issues. Long story short, my USB boot drive failed so I decided to go on over to 11. Install went smoothly and I attempted to import my volume using the GUI, and it came in with "Error getting available space". I can see the drives and the correct amount of used...
  7. T

    verschlüsselter Pool lässt sich nicht mehr einbinden

    Hallo, nach dem meim USB Stick kaputt war, auf dem das FreeNas OS lief habe ich auf einen neuen USB Stick das OS wieder aufgespielt. Ein Key hatte ich zur Sicherheit auch von Anfang an gesichert. Jetzt habe ich das große Problem, dass sich der encypted pool aus zwei Festplatten sich nicht mehr...
  8. S

    SOLVED Boot Drive Gone / Encrypted Disks / Attempt to Import + Unlock Fail [ESXi]

    Config: FreeNAS-9.10.2-U4 on VMware ESXi 6.0 U3. 1 zPool = "Tank1" = 8 2-disk mirror vdevs (reference signature for all details), encrypted, no passphrase. Problem: Boot environment gone, attempted to import with recent config backup + recovery key (/data/GELI not available to restore)...
  9. Brer

    SOLVED General Advice - Volumes, Dataset and Raid configuration.

    A while back I inadvertently added a 2x2Tb Disk Raid to an existing single 2Tb disk which has my main Dataset on it, I was experimenting with the new GUI in Corral. Anyway, crux of the problem is that I now have a single 2Tb and 2x2Tb Raid config in the same Volume which is not the intended...
  10. V

    Issues with Jail Restore

    Hi all, My SD Boot drive died and I had to reinstall and import my existing volume. So I lost all of my FreeNAS config, plugin settings, etc. However; my Jails folder is still present and as most of my jails didn't really need plugin management I'm hoping I can just restore them I was hoping...