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  1. W

    Unable to get past bridge when using vlan in iocage jail

    Hello all, I'm sorry to post yet another thread with regards to VLAN's. I thought I had it all worked out when I got it working in my 11.3 BETA1 environment, but I can't get it to work in my 11.2U6 setup. So I have a iocage jail called test2, using vnet. It's configured for VLAN ID 178. I am...
  2. FooisOP

    VLan, PFsense, and Jails

    I have an issue to set up properly with vlans. I spend entire week battling this annoying issue. I got WAN, LAN, and OPT1 port on my PFsense Box. My Freenas is connected to the OPT1 port. Wifi, and other lans are connected to Lan Port. To simplify things. I have my jails set as a static...
  3. H

    Unable to reach WebUI from VLAN interface in 11.2-U6

    System: MB: Supermicro X11SSH-TF CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 v6 RAM: 32GB ECC HDD: 8x WD Red 2TB NIC: Onboard 2x X550 10GBase-T Hi, I'm getting crazy with the last version of FreeNAS. I can't reach the management webui from a VLAN interface. Everything works at the network level, I can...
  4. P

    More than one IP for docker container.

    I'm using rancher os for docker in Freenas 11.1 and I have a question.. As you know every container I create share the same bridge network and numbered like 172.x.x.x etc.. If you want to create multiple containers with same registered ports, you need to assign a different port number for one...
  5. L

    GUI *not* accessible without default gateway!

    Hello, My NAS is connected via three VLAN’s (A,B,C). One on interface-1 (1G) and two on the second one (10G). The GUI is defined as '0000' (accessible from all subnets/vlans). All VLAN’s have a DHCP-server and are using a different subnet (IPV4 and IPV6). The DHCP server is supplying the...
  6. M

    Virtual maching on different subnet have no network access

    I have a old FreeBSD server with bhyve hosts, and my virtual machines are on different networks via one network interface (RE0). In my switch I have two VLAN's configured. This setup works today, with no problem. The network port in switch where my server is connected allow vlan 1 and 2. My new...
  7. R

    Lost on changing working jail networking to use VLAN

    Seems like with every topic I find that appears similar to my issue, I just get completely lost with figuring anything out. So please, forgive my lack of knowledge/experience on this front. What I have was a working iocage jail in FreeNAS 11.2-U5 that was previously using the same network as...
  8. D

    Assigning Roles to Interfaces/Creating a Dedicated Management Interface?

    I have a FreeNAS box configured in a dual 1g LACP to my switch, switch side the LACP group is set as a trunk, and FreeNAS side, two virtual interfaces exist, one on the "Data" network, the other on the "Management" Network. In essence, what I want to do, is make it so that no management (SSH...
  9. ezra

    BOUNTY!! Help wanted, yet another VLAN/Jail topic, tried everything

    Hey! 100$ BOUNTY FOR WHOEVER HELPS ME FIX THIS!!! So i've been trying to get this right for about 5 days now. I had around 4 reinstalls because i locked myself out (flood/storms or something like that). Also a few CLI config restores happend. I'll first try to explain what hardware i have...
  10. Dan954

    can't access IP on different subnet

    Hello all, I have two subnets on my LAN which are: on my FreeNAS box I have configured one physical interface em0 via DHCP and one vlan interface (vlan10) with a static IP. I can ping both IPs from my machine which is on the subnet without problems, but...
  11. S

    Can't get Jails to work with VLAN

    Hello, I am going nuts over this. FreeNAS 11.2 I have a VLAN set as an interface for FreeNAS. I can access the UI from the VLAN IP and performing traceroute from my computer I can see that it is going through the router (instead of directly connecting like on the LAN) so no problems with the...
  12. S

    SOLVED Iocage Jails Multiple Interfaces? (VNET)

    Hello! Just updated to 11.2 and things are going great! I am trying to do something that I have been putting off for a long time. E.g. I have a Plex jail that I can access on my LAN. I have IoT devices (for example Xiaomi Mi boxes) that I had to have connected to the LAN to be able to access...
  13. chrismetcalf

    pfSense, VLANs, and CenturyLink PPPoE (Oh my!)

    I've got CenturyLink fiber to the home gigabit, and I'm trying to not use their crappy rental router. I'm attempting to set up a pfSense firewall/router in a VM on FreeNAS 11.1-U6, but I'm stuck. CenturyLink's fiber _could_ be as simple as just hooking up a cat-6 to the TNC, but they like to...
  14. Kennyvb8

    VLAN - explain please on how to do it.

    Hello i got a managed switch from ubiquity managed switch 150w-8port and edgerouter x. along ofc freenas on the freenas i got lagg0 (LACP) running. i would like to have the iocage servers on seperate vlan and the VM on same network as my main in static routes i wrote: - LAN...
  15. hexley

    SOLVED Losing packets between LAGG and VLAN

    Hi, I would like to get networking working for a VM under FreeNAS 11.1-U2, starting with DHCP. So far I've used only the FreeNAS GUI to create the following setup: Router [DHCP server] Switch [DHCP relay > LACP trunk] FreeNAS [lagg0{igb0,igb1,igb2,igb3} > vlan74 > bridge1 > tap0] VM [eth0] It...
  16. tkrn

    Networking does not start until ifconfig igb0 down/up

    This is my configuration: igb0 - Physical connection - No assigned IP -vlan70 - -vlan71 - Bridge interface for VM, no IP address -vlan74 - Upon reboot, I must go into the remote console and issue an ifconfig igb0 down && ifconfig igb0 up before FreeNAS starts...
  17. T

    Network gone from VM after reboot/upgrade?

    Hello... I have been running a VM (pfSense) on FreeNAS 11.1 for some months with out problems. A few days ago, I upgraded from 11.1-RELEASE to 11.1-U1. When the FreeNAS machine came back up again, I no longer had network connectivity to/from the VM. I tried to reboot to FreeNAS-RELEASE, but the...
  18. ClownTrigger11

    Migrating to completely new hardware

    I've had a FreeNAS box running for a few years now on some old consumer grade hardware and finally upgraded to something actually server class. I have about 7TB of data on my old box that I want to move over to my new box across a segregated VLAN on a 10GbE network. My storage looks like this...
  19. N

    How do I unbind the GUI from a VLAN?

    I just set up a number of VLANs, and I want to prevent all clients on one VLAN from accessing the GUI. How can I do this? I don't see anything in the manual, and I flipped through the tabs and I don't see anything.
  20. I

    Should I use a dedicated VLAN for Time Machine Backups

    Hi, I have 25 Macs backing up to my FreeNAS connected to the switch via 10Gbe SFP. Should I have a dedicated VLAN for backups?
  21. Kennyvb8

    How to use Vlan on FreeNAS 11-u4?

    ello there! tried useing this "guide" how ever it never reaches the router!?! i have a edgerouter X where i made vlan aware vlan tag 250 and made switch0.250 vlan, then created a dhcp server in the...
  22. S

    Static Route for Second NIC

    Hi there Bashing my head against the wall with this one: My network is configured as follows WAN Draytek Router with WAN IP XX and private IP Sonicwall Router with WAN IP and Private IP set up for site-to-site VPN FreeNAS with IP (main IP for...
  23. R

    Network issues between different subnets only on freenas.

    Hello, I've been a lurker for quite some time, and found always solutions to my problems in the forum (thank you all), but this time i hit a wall. Let's see if someone has an idea of what's going on: To put things in perspective: I've a ESXI server with virtualized freenas,pfsense and some...
  24. Atomic

    Jails bestimmten Netzwerk Interfaces oder VLANs zuordnen

    Moin Forum, wie kann ich Jails in FreeNAS bestimmten Netzwerk Interfaces oder VLANs zuordnen? Ich habe zu diesem Thema auch schon die Suchmaschine meines Vertrauens bemüht aber leider ohne richtigen Erfolg. Meine FreeNas Box hat zwei NICs, einen im LAN (em0) und einen in der DMZ (em1). Ziel...
  25. T

    LAGG + VLAN isolates FreeNAS from iohyve VM

    This setup worked fine with a single interface and no VLAN. Current setup is like this: FreeNAS vlan10: VM vlan10: Some random other host: lagg0 no IP up LAGG shows happy on both ends of the connection, both 10GB ports are in the group. Routing table is...
  26. timpj5

    Creating Jail makes network go nuts

    Ok, so I installed a fresh copy of FreeNAS 9.10 STABLE and configured my ZFS volume this morning. Everything was looking good. Once I started installing plugins, my networking started to go crazy. I started dropping pings to the server and my wireless AP keeps dropping networks. I suspect...
  27. D

    Connecting to AD server on a different VLAN

    All hardware exceeds all minimum requirements. FreeNAS 9.10 (newest, stable version) Just trying to check my thinking on parameters and get a high level view of what is going on. We have an AD server that is on VLAN A and a FreeNAS we are trying to connect to on VLAN B. There is a...
  28. D

    Multiple VLANs on same parent interface?

    Can I create multiple VLANs that use the same physical ethernet port (em0) Assuming I am using the term 'VLAN' correctly my plan is to have two VLANs. VLAN1 will be for my home network and will connect all my computers to the FreeNAS server and VLAN2 will connect to a VPN...Hopefully I havent...